8 Twitter Users Share Their eBay Fails

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    Footwear - Royal Mait 712 ti 80 Robyn Moore Robynmoore Feb 8 Remembering that time when I ordered some doc martens from eBay an they came with "royal mail" imprinted on them
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    Wrist - Voxel@voxel 27 May 2017 Bought a cheap wristwatch from China via eBay. It might be about twice the size l expected t 64 876
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    Metal - OLY IBLE t142 Shannon Pace @Prismabird 11 Dec 2017 1.2K So...I accidentally bought a 120 year old bible on eBay. I feel that this is the kind of scatterbrained fuck up that other people don't experience.
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    Text - TONY What ED PERSON REESPOO WHAT WILL YOURS SAY? Salt 0.369 4 Hher urchses t 210 1.3K spooky james @JamesMDavies 8 May 2015 Ordered a book from ebay and the seller posted it in this. I genuinely thought l'd been sent cereal by mistake.
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    Text - james blunt isemen Special One Sided Etched Vinyl t 67 Reece @Reece_Coupland 8 Oct 2016 731 ffs I shouldn't go on ebay when I'm drunk
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    Leg - Melanie Easton @MelanieJ Easton 13 Dec 2016 t 163 1.4K My housemate ordered dance shoes from a Chinese store on ebay and got the size disastrously wrong. I'm crying
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    Hand - BLIEE BREAD @zaryaswife Feb t598 zarya and mei are in love 3.2K im crying i got wholesale socks off ebay for a dollar and they fucking say "i like bread" on the foot hello????? is this the brand??? weird humor????
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    Food - Chloe Oliver @_chloeoliver 11 Dec 2017 t 1.0K 3.7K lady i work with ordered a kevin the carrot off ebay and this is what's just been delivered i'm crying


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