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Girl Convinces Her BF to Adopt a Dog By Creating a Powerpoint Presentation

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    Haley and her partner, Colton Scheer, 21, are fun and loving animal people. They are already amazing parents to a 3-month-old Newfoundland called Yams... but sometimes a special someone catches you eyes and you have to pull all the stops for them...

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    Meet Gary!

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    Gary is an 8-year-old ownerless pup, that Haley had recently meet. But, if was a love at first sight moment and she knew, she would have to pull out all the stops to not only adopt him, but get her boyfriend Colton to agree!

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    That's when she came up with a idea!

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    Haley told UNILAD "I would always give pretend presentations when I found a dog I liked before we got Yams, but Gary is different and I felt like I had to really make a point to my boyfriend. So, I just made this PowerPoint really quick on my phone and sent it to him at work"

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    And she did!

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    Haley, using her witts was able to convince her bf that Gary would be perfect for their growing family! They recently went up to the Humane Society of the South Platte Valley to meet Gary, and complete an application form and begin the process. Haley told Unilad"We'll fill out an application but I believe that takes a week or two and they have to do a home check. I feel such a strong attraction to him, I know it'll work out! I'm so excited!"

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    The couple also introduced Yams to his new big brother

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    and it was said that the two got along just like family! 


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