Art of Trolling

Shameless Girls on Tinder Are Getting Desperate Guys to Send Them Pizza

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    Let the games begin...

    Text - 13 hrs A new game called the tinder games. Go on tinder and see who can get some one to buy you a pizza and get it delivered first. Who Evers pizza arrives first wins. - with 16 Likes 1 Comment Comment Share Like
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    Yeah, it's hilarious how thirsty you are!

    Text - I just use tinder for free pizza Your the best I hope you mean that lol No I do this is hilarious Delivered It is I seriously can't believe I bought a random girl from tinder pizza IMessage Send QWERTY UIOP ASDF G H J KL
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    The first three pizza pies arrive.

    Dish - Let the tinder games begin
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    Pizza or sushi? Why not both?

    Text - Sushi for the night everyday on tinder litterally free food with, Alright 'll send you a large cheese I can't believe I'm doing this Wait Lou malnatis is closed can u maybe get me sushi instead Yeah from where and what do you want Nori sushi crunchy spicy tuna and ebi tempura Nori on diversy Alright so just get it delivered to that address? what apt who do they call?
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    And here comes another one.

    Pizza - Another pizza from tinder has just showed up!

    Guys have been falling for this kind of thing for basically all of human history, but this just may be a new low. "Buy me a pizza" is the new "buy me a drink."


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