36 Overheard Conversations that Will Turn You into a Fountain of LOLs

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    Text - Mx James Le Lacheur @JamesLeLacheur Replying to @brian_bilston Once on a train Ioverheard someone on the phone claiming to have been "burning the midnight owl" 3/13/18, 3:32 AM 19 Retweets 124 Likes
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    Text - @KellyGraay *Overheard at the hospital Elderly lady: I wish I was dead Son: Well if you're gonna die would you hurry up with it? 3/5/18, 5:43 PM 79 Retweets 590 Likes
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    Text - iffy killmonger @somalijawn overheard conversation* "i miss her, she was the closest person to me." "..but she tried to kill u." "so?" 3/13/18, 1:39 PM 7 Retweets 19 Likes
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    Text - JC Reilly @Aishatonu Overheard at #AWP18: "If your husband dies and my wife dies, we'll hook up." 3/9/18, 8:37 AM 2 Retweets 28 Likes
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    Text - Kevin Perjurer @KevinPerjurer Overheard on Monorail: Son to Mom Making Dinner Plans: "Dad and I can eat anything, we're not the problem. You're the problem. Well, it's not a problem. You're just picky. But if there was a problem, you'd be it." 3/9/18, 12:40 PM
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    Text - Overheard at SJU @overheardat_sju [Overheard in Monty's] "I need to get back to the room so I can take my shirt off and respond to his snap" 3/13/18, 4:16 PM 3 Retweets 24 Likes
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    Text - M-C @mchristellee Last night my Uber driver overheard me mention I was hungry to my friend and he offered me Raisin Bran from his trunk... soI told him to pull over 3/9/18, 6:45 PM
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    Text - Kamran Javadizadeh @kjavadizadeh Life, Why Bother: An Overheard Scene Dude 1: I'd much rather raise a dog than a child. Dude 2: Yeah, a dog. Definitely. Dude 1: I mean, their lives are way* shorter. 3/5/18, 7:18 PM 79 Retweets 687 Likes
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    Text - Derrek Trickel @derrek_trickel 38 "If I sound like Idon't want to be here today, it's because I'm either drunk or tired... And I'm at least two of those things." overheard today 3/5/18, 7:38 PM
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    Text - brenna @malibunightss A REAL CONVOI JST OVERHEARD BETWEEN TWO STRAIGHT GUYS IN THE KITCHEN "bro would you suck my toes if it was a life or death situation?" "totally bro, i'd suck your toes even if you were just feeling a little down" 3/12/18, 11:36 PM 13 Retweets 78 Likes
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    Text - lori @loriduranxo tonight I served an older couple and overheard the man tell his wife "even though we've been married for 47 years, I fall in love with you more every single time l look at you" and she started tearing up. y'all strive to marry a man that is that in love with me 3/12/18, 6:07 PM 25 Retweets 95 Likes
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    Text - AYSIA @AysiaMilaan My little brother overheard someone say "horny" in a movie I was watching and I uncomfortably had to lie and tell him it meant angry so when my mom asked how he was, being the gullible child he is, said he was horny.... ha it was good knowing y'all I'm finna get my ass beat 3/7/18, 4:47 PM
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    Text - Rusty @GayDeceiver Overheard at the bar, "He's so good, you don't mind that his tattoos are misspelled." 3/7/18, 4:49 PM
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    Text - evan @evanStageRight Today I overheard a woman in Target say "I ain't got a dog anymore! It ran away, just like my man." 3/13/18, 3:33 PM 3 Retweets 20 Likes
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    Text - Das Skoogeth @Skoogeth Overheard a dude saying, "Damn, I ain't never been with a chick with D's before." And I know what he meant but I like to imagine that he has a really old boom box that he doesn't have batteries for. 3/9/18, 7:27 PM
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    Text - starry kay @actualtiramisu overheard convos at school "just to be clear, I'm going to be talking like a cowboy for the rest of the day" "What" "Howdy pardner" 3/7/18, 1:07 PM 191 Retweets 1,266 Likes
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    Text - Joshua Cummins NSIDE@TheKingCummins Overheard conversation about Shape of Water: 1: So what's Shape of Water about? 2: *thinking Have you seen Free Willy? 1:.Yeah 2: It's basically Free Willy but the protagonist starts banging Willy. I'm done. #Oscars90#ShapeOfWater 3/5/18, 4:01 PM
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    Text - alisa @whyalisa i just overheard a group of high school girls gossiping and one just said "idk man.. if my man brought another girl boba, i would be pissed." i love bay area culture. 3/9/18, 5:31 PM
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    Product - Cachalot Sang @happyfishmedia The other day on the bus I overheard a guy repeatedly saying to a friend "I hate my cock skin" and it took me a while to realise that he was talking about #MikeHosking not circumcision. ADSHEL ysheda) THE MIKE HOSKING BREAKFAST 6am -8.30am weekdays NewstalkZB WELLINGTON 89.3FM bnz
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    Text - Vesperteen Overheard @VesperOverheard "That's a big fidget spinner" "That's a ceiling fan" 3/12/18, 10:20 PM 10 Retweets 43 Likes
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    Text - T. @MissTayBlaze My boyfriend is at chipotle right now and we are on the phone. Ijust overheard him ask "can you give me as much chicken as legally possible without charging me for an extra scoop?" Lmaoooo00000 3/7/18, 5:55 PM
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    Text - Thread kali @kalifornia1395 overheard at gas station: "I don't know I guess robin is mad at him because he keeps buying Pokémon cards instead of paying rent" 3/7/18, 2:54 PM 181 Retweets 1,178 Likes
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    Text - Frod Bros @1weesel Overheard at the daycare playground: "Are you eating bark? Didn't you have enough at snack time?" 3/7/18, 1:03 PM 113 Retweets 912 Likes
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    Text - mollz @TheMollyFran overheard in RBD: "the lowest point of my collegiate career was when i shat myself on the concourse and didn't have time to deal with it for the rest of the day" 3/5/18, 4:10 PM 53 Retweets 529 Likes
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    Text - Overheard On Duty @ShitlHearOnDuty Just spent five entire minutes driving directly behind a Student Driver with no intentions of pulling her over. Welcome to the stress of adulthood, kid. 3/12/18, 6:20 AM
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    Text - Overheard In Manila @OverheardinMLA "Farting is my favorite form of detox." Overheard In EI Nido 3/9/18, 11:38 PM 6 Retweets 46 Likes
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    Text - veHeaDOverheard in Dublin IN DaBLIN @OverheardDublin rhearatu A couple arguing Abbey Street produces this gem - "Do ya know what you're like Keith! You're like that on manky bit of snow that won't melt!" 3/8/18, 6:24 AM 245 Retweets 1,177 Likes
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    Organism - if iM suspended, follow @OMG ItsKhairy on IG& YT @OMGits_Khairy I knew I was fat when I went on a date and my date told me she was cold so I took my coat off to give to her and I overheard a lady tell her boyfriend "We should've brought a blanket like them" Me: GIF SWCM 3/4/18, 11:54 AM
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    Text - Lauran Hazan @ldhazan Overheard my son: "...moms are like alexas but they talk for no reason..." 3/5/18, 4:24 PM 277 Retweets 1,420 Likes
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    Text - @Purvit Patel Overheard at a NY state rest stop "sometime the only thing stopping you from meeting the woman of your dreams is your wife & kids" 3/5/18, 4:45 PM
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    Product - La Hoya Miguel @YaBoiMoody Overheard this couple arguing at the buffet and the dude says "I don't know why you're mad at me, you should be mad at your hair stylist for those dusty ass edges" 3/13/18, 10:13 AM
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    Text - Surya Ram @suryagram Just overheard: "l can't tell if your talking about crypto currency or fortnite strategy" 3/9/18, 6:57 PM
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    Human - Katie Yeager @Katiebyeager loverheard a teenager call Backstreet Boys "oldies" music today... GIF 3/11/18, 6:55 PM
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    Text - "WHAT IS GAY MAY NEVER DIE"-prince dingus probably @hyllusdiardi Replying to @MaraWilson l used to volunteer at a preschool and I overheard two kids talking about how ice is made one of them had an ice maker at his house and he told his friend "guess what ice is made of? WATER." and his friend, amazed, replied "WHOA... gotta see that" 3/12/18, 11:56 PM
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    Text - Courtney Rada @courtney4prez I wish I had a dollar for every timel overheard a dude on campus say "she's only 18 but she's SUPER mature for her age" 3/8/18, 8:41 AM from Provo, UT
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    Text - mandy @handy_mandyy just overheard my little brother say "mother trucker dude that hurt like a butt cheek on a stick" while playing fortnite and I'm so proud 3/5/18, 8:26 PM 157 Retweets 1,364 Likes


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