Canadian Car Dealership Owner Gets Robbed, Creates a Radio Commercial to Drive His Robbers Insane With Anxiety

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When Northstar Ford in Fort McMurray, Alberta got robbed, dealership owner Marty Giles decided to kill two birds with one stone: get the word out about catching the robbers and raise money for charity. So, he made a commercial that aired on radio stations in northern Alberta that had one simple message:

Return the stolen merchandise, and you'll get off scot free. Refuse to return the stolen merchandise, and I'll offer a 10,000 dollar reward to anyone who turns you in, plus I'll make a 10,000 dollar donation to the charity of the RCMP's choice. Money goes to a good cause, and you suckers get served in the process. Win-win!

Nothing like a little cash to test the honor among thieves. Your buddies or accomplices wouldn't sell you out for 10 grand!

... would they?

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