15 April Fool's Pranks That Are Savage AF

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    Text - [-1 timechuck 545 points 13 hours ago Years ago at a trivia night with my father in law and all my in-laws friends (mother in law was absent because of business), I won a raffle. The only prize left was this horribly gaudy wine bottle candleabra with these tacky cork candles. It was hideous. So I get this monstrosity and take it back to the table and I'm getting picked on by everyone, then it hits me. I explain that we are all now in this together, my mother in law's birthday was in a few
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    Text - -IRaiseCows Moo 1238 polnts 7 hours ago Got the idea from a local radio station I had posted on local classified sites, best impression of a goat, and hang up. If yours was the best, youd be entered to win. Didnt say what youd win. Just that you could win. our newspaper, etc to call (this phone number) on (this date) and do your very The number was my husbands...on his birthday The first call came in at 5:00am, an hour before his alarm. "BAAAAAAH!" click He got home that night and glared
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    Text - MonkeyDavid 229 points 13 hours ago The best prank I ever heard of was told to me by my best friend's dad. When he was in college, he and another guy were the only ones to stay at the dorm over winter break (it was kind of sad, really-neither had families that they wanted to see). They were quickly bored, so they picked the lock to the room of a guy who was a jerk, then took the door off the hinges, and then-he swears this is true-drywalled over the doorway and painted the hallway. The gu
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    Text - [-] The_Wise_Frog 3540 points 16 hours ago Not me but my sister once unscrewed the shower head and placed a hard life saver candy in there, so that after my shower I was subtly sticky.
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    Text - [-] Sevarra 685 points 13 hours ago I sorted the keys on my boss's keyboard alphabetically
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    Text - [-1 inv4zn 2849 points 14 hours ago One year April Fool's was on a clocks ahead by 4 hours. Sunday, so all throughout the evening before I snuck around methodically changing the The next morning (on April 1) the parents woke up around their usual time and to their horror found out we were all 2 hours late for church. Which doesn't sound like a big deal, except my dad was the head pastor. After watching them in sheer panic for a few minutes I caved and told them. They were NOT amused.
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    Text - -Ghost_Peanuts 3610 polnts 16 hours ago My sister did not back up her phone despite my phone reset it to factory settings switched covers with her phone and watcher her morning descend into chaos. telling her to several times. I had the same phone as her. I backed up me
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    Text - -1 feioo 1866 points 13 hours ago I'm a fan of benign pranks. I used to have a job that involved driving with a partner for an hour each way, once a week. One year, I had an especially gullible partner who I often teased about how easy it was to get her to believe anything That year, April Fools' fell on my driving day. After a few minutes driving, I found a spot in the conversation to say "you know, it says 'gullible' on the ceiling." She gave me a jokingly dirty look. "Please. I know th
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    Text - - throwaway4noreasons 2233 points 13 hours ago Not me, but my mom played a good one on my dad. One morning, he poured his usual bowl of cereal and set it on the table. He put the spoon in it, then got up to go to the bathroom. While he was gone, my mom took the spoon out and replaced it with a fork. My dad's look of confusion was priceless
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    Text - LennyMcTavish 139 points 11 hours ago For April fools I phoned my friend in maintenance, put on an accent and said there was a huge leek seeping out from behind the fridge. Lo and behold when he showed up he pulls the fridge out and has a massive vegetable waiting for him
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    Text - [- CordageMonger 820 points 15 hours ago Not myself but I know a guy who hated his coworker so he wrote a script monitor by an increment and reduced the speaker sound every time he started it up. Eventually the guy threw away his monitor and speakers thinking they died on the guys computer that dimmed the
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    Text - - WelchCLAN 439 points 14 hours ago One year, me and my younger brothers turned everything possible upside down in the kitchen after our parents had gone to bed. Cookbooks, food, the calendar, paintings, basically everything but appliances. It took my parents a few moments to actually figure out what we had done in the morning, but their reaction was priceless. Best part was, it was a prank that kept on giving: for literally the next year, every so often something would be found that hadn
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    Text - - Mopatar 862 points 16 hours ago Melting chocolate and then completely covering an egg with it. Tell people it's a home made caramel egg. Gets them everytime
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    Text - [-1 Zulu-Cthulhu 2682 points 16 hours ago I replaced my housemate's soap with a very neatly carved block of extra mature cheese. He was a very hairy gentleman and complained that the smell remained for the rest of the day despite several more- cheese free- showers.
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    Text - - jaxx6911 357 points 16 hours ago I called my mom on April fool's and told her my GF was pregnant. I laughed pretty hard, then she had a kid 8 months later. No joke.


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