40 Cursed Images That Will Make You Scrub Your Eyes With Delicious Bleach

  • 1
    person pouring clorox into a bowl of cheerios
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  • 2
    fat round cartoon face
  • 3
    person with koala doll on their head drinking something with s straw
  • 4
    grey dog wearing fake beak and yellow dishwashing gloves
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  • 5
    black and white image of family sitting in living room with tall clown holding axe behind them
  • 6
    very fat man in shiny blue body suit wearing goggles
  • 7
    person under surgical plastic playing violin
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  • 8
    man sitting on bench with chin in hand and person in weird yellow creature suit
  • 9
    two children standing with characters with creepy costumes on
  • 10
    person crawling on ground wearing pink and white shark costume
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  • 11
    voldemort with purple wig photoshopped onto his head
  • 12
    grey and white cat with a doll's arms and legs attached to it's back
  • 13
    legs walking up stairs that are covered in slices of bread
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  • 14
    man and woman dressed up as homer and marge simpson looking creepy
  • 15
    can of spaghetti with hole in top and straw coming out
  • 16
    vase full of spaghetti on a plate and glass of milk next to it
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  • 17
    woman in bikini laying on sand with lobsters all over her
  • 18
    man in bathtub with clothes and sunglasses on and assorted objects around him
  • 19
    person in creepy rabbit suit made out of silver duct tape
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  • 20
    yellow tellytubbies toy lying among garbage
  • 21
    person standing in weird creepy red suit
  • 22
    person with watermelon that is carved into a face over their head
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  • 23
    tree in forest with stuffed toys hanging from it
  • 24
    street covered with tens of people dressed in winnie the pooh costumes
  • 25
    group of dead chicken's featherless headless bodies look like they're chilling in jacuzzi
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  • 26
    TV on side of fake cow on wall of restaurant
  • 27
    weird statue of man with legs spread open
  • 28
    baby in baby seat next to someone making meat in a huge pot
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  • 29
    two streams of red liquid falling into a dark pool
  • 30
    someone pouring washing liquid onto waffles
  • 31
    hyena with eyes reflecting in camera looks like it has 3 eyes
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  • 32
    a dirty toilet covered in green frogs
  • 33
    a limousine stuck on a narrow muddy road
  • 34
    a peeled banana with a sausage coming out the top
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  • 35
    close up of a man's weird face
  • 36
    a child's doll with its stomach cut open and green stuff inside there
  • 37
    a full staircase covered with different colored furbies
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  • 38
    a hand holding a spoon with a pair of chopsticks over a bowl of soup
  • 39
    a man wearing a protective gas mask with noodles inside the mask
  • 40
    a white horse eating from a bin at night


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