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Here's the Recap of All the Highlights From the PC Gaming Show

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    Tripwire Interactive isn't just working on Killing Floor 2: here's a trailer for Rising Star 2: Vietnam.

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    Star Citizen, a crowdfunded space sim with FPS elements, got this message at E3.

    Between this and Shenmue III, crowdfunding is looking like more and more of a viable way of getting games without major studio support off the ground.
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    Total War finally goes fantasy after 15 years with Total War: Warhammer.

  • 4

    Planet Coaster is a spiritual successor to RollerCoaster Tycoon from the makers of Elite: Dangerous.

    It's definitely different from Elite: Dangerous, but PC gamers have been deprived of theme park games for a long time now, and Planet Coaster is looking to fill that void admirably.
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  • 5

    Guild Wars 2 gets a massive expansion in Heart of Thorns.

  • 6

    Arma III is getting Tanoa, a new Pacific island terrain, in early 2016.

    Raise your hand if you're feeling waves of nostalgia for Wake Island in Battlefield 1942.
  • 7

    Dirty Bomb is all about (you guessed it) playing dirty.

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  • 8

    StarCraft II fans got a trailer for Legacy of the Void.

  • 9

    And No Man's Sky followed up it's gameplay demo with a brief trailer at the PC Gaming Show.


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