17 People Revealed The Most F***ed Up Things They Think About On A Regular Basis

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    messed up thought - Text - funpowder_plot . 2h What would it look like to see someone fall in front of the metro? That woman is standing very close to the endge... I wonder what it'd feel like. I'm standing very close to the edge...
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    messed up thought - Text - zeeker1985 2h I'm constantly driving in the car, traveling for work, and often catch myself thinking how many great places there are to hide a body and how easy it would be in towns no one knows I've even been to.
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    messed up thought - Text - ostentia 2h How I would react in various fucked up situations. What if my (nonexistent) child gets cancer? What if a bomb goes off at the finish line of this 5k? What if a fire starts in this concert venue? What if I lose control of my car and drive off this bridge?
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    messed up thought - Text - throw-away_catch 2h "If l'd jump in front of that train I'd probably explode in a cloud of BLOOD"
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    messed up thought - Text - sge215 37m Whenever I see a girl with earrings I just think, "Hmm... I wonder what would happen if I just yanked her earring off.." It's just the call of the void, but I still find it pretty messed.
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    messed up thought - Text - MotherFuckin-Oedipus 2h How easy it is to kill people and get away with it. It's always just a passing thought, and not necessarily me doing the killing. That woman could just drop her baby into the bear pen and call it an accident. I could push this dude in front of the train and sprint away The guy manning the crane could drop the load on his coworker.
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    messed up thought - Text - My_Name_ls_Not_Jerry 2h Sometimes I'l|l be talking to someone and 1 think about what would happen if I just punched them in the face Reply 51 arizonadreamin 2h Unprovoked? Or when they're pissing you off? 17 Reply My_Name_ls_Not_Jerry 2h Completely unprovoked
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    messed up thought - Text - The-Lore-Hore 2h often think others are beneath me. "All these idiots are incapable of rational thought." and stuff like that. But after thinking that my thoughts turn to "Wow, you are a narcissistic dick who thinks you are better than everyone else." So then I get a bit depressed. When I get a bit depressed I think "Hey, remember how you think people are idiots and would be better off dead? They probably think the same about you. And you think this terrible shit about
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    messed up thought - Text - defnotmyworkaccount 1h How quickly and easily I could get fired. Wouldn't take much. Drop a picture of some titties into the chat. Ask one of my hot coworkers if I can eat her asshole and fuck her on her desk. Drop every table from the database and fill every column with "FUCK YOU"
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    messed up thought - Text - Shinjirojin 2h My newborn daughter being hurt in various scenarios that I read in news stories where a child has died. It fucks me up.
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    messed up thought - Text - Draaaaaaven 2h I wonder what the chain of events would be like if I just walked out to the lake and shot myself one morning.
  • 12
    messed up thought - Text - LouisFrom Texas 2h Sometimes when I'm driving, I look over to the car in the next lane and think what would happen if I just rammed into them. Gotta lay off the GTA.
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    messed up thought - Text - drummerisme 2h Sometimes when I'm getting ready in the bathroom, and look down at the sink, and see my toothbrush and face razor next to each other I think: "What if one day I'm on autopilot, and accidentally pick up my razor and start brushing my teeth with it." Then I move my razor to a drawer.
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    messed up thought - Text - Uzmonkey 2h Troutinely think about how I could kill the people that are around me using the things around me. How quickly I could get it done, how many people I could get before I was inevitably stopped, etc, etc. These aren't angry thoughts It's almost like a creative thought exercise.
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    messed up thought - Text - Romantic_Amoeba 1h Whenever I see a little kid making a lot of noise or just being a pain in the ass, I often think to fart on their face or tell them that their parents don't really love them and are planning to send them away in exchange for a dog.
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    messed up thought - Text - jpterodactyl 2h I just think about how easily I could ruin my life. Like, how little effort would it be so take off my clothes in the office and run around shouting obscenities. There's no coming back from that.
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    messed up thought - Text - goofyphucker 2h Smacking other peoples' kids when they are acting like little shits in public and their parents aren't doing anything about it.


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