Badass Grandma Murders Rob Zombie's 'Dragula' At Karaoke Bar


Most people say their heroes our dead. But I just found a new one and she is very much alive and well in Fargo, North Dakota. On Friday, March 19th, TikTok user @aprilbaumsaway shared an incredible video of this hero - a geriatric rocker - living her best life at a karaoke bar. Her song? None other than my high school anthem, Rob Zombie's ‘Dragula.’ It's a strange choice for someone who may just be pushing eighty, but a choice that I wholly support. 

The passion that rocker grandma displays is a lot more palpable than anything I heard here in Brooklyn the same evening (even though I performed a stirring rendition of Dean Martin's ‘That’s Amore'). And yet, for some reason, most of the karaoke attendees just completely ignore this icon. The slight unnerved me - and I'm not alone. After the performance went viral on TikTok, it seems her other new fans are stunned by the lack of respect. 

Despite the slight, most responses were in praise - and even awe - of granny's skills. We hope that the praise reaches her somehow. She should know about all the fans she's amassed on social media, if she doesn't already. 

Me too, me too. 


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