Old Bras Are Being Used To Help Rescue Injured Turtles!

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Via ABC 7
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Ladies, if you're thinking about throwing out that old bra -- donate it to Carolina Waterfowl Rescue instead! Your old bra might just save a life -- a turtle's life. The Carolina Waterfowl Rescue is after bra clasps, in particular, as they can be grafted onto the turtles shells that have been injured in boating or auto accidents. Rescue worker Keenan Freitas told WYMT, "It's just these little ingenious things that people have created in the past, that we can use today to help animals out," . "You basically wire the shell back together. They're helping a turtle. Who wouldn't want to help a turtle?" When the turtles have been healed, the clasps are then removed and the animals are returned back into the wild -- good as new!  

 Bras can be sent to Carolina Waterfowl Rescue at P.O. Box 1484, Indian Trail, NC 28079.

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