48 Women Share Most Common Mistakes Guys Make When Flirting

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    Text - chatola 12h The amount of times I've had someone try take my glasses off my face without asking is wild. It's not cute I NEED THEM TO SEE
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    Text - Laidlaw_Waller 7h Putting me on the Delicate Flower To Be Protected pedestal. This can be kinda harmless but slightly annoying ("let me carry that for you" and then taking it out of my hands while I'm saying "no, I'm fine, I've got it"). But what really grinds my gears is guys who swear and then apologise to me for using foul language. It grinds my shitting christing fuckbucket cock-gargling gears like nothing else.
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    Text - ViciuosFly_79 12h Thinking just beacause I'm out without my SO gives him the right to think that will I cheat on him or that he's out cheating on me. So he'll constantly try to "sway me" to have drinks or shots or go somewhere to Some can't phantom the idea that we have our own separate friends and social life. We have trust and plus the bar scene and going out drinking is not his thing. But that doesn't mean he won't let me go out with my friends or vice versa. And when he d
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    Text - PoolFizz 11h Context is important. If you're a 50 year old security guard at the airport, do you really think telling me you saw me at some random club one night is going to change the fact that I'm leaving the country? I'm 30 years younger than you and I don't live in your country haha
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    Text - T1m3f0x 17h That sudden creepy desire that you can tell is coming direct from the peen. It's not flirting, it's like they're trying to max out relationship stats so you have no choice but to fall for them.
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    Text - NatNat1921 14h This is a specific memory where I was flirted with and it was so wrong. When I sent him (friend who had a crush on me) a photo of me in being loaded into an ambulance, he told me I still looked nice. No "are you okay?" Or "what happened?" Just you still look nice. Bitch, I am lucky the car that hit me in the crosswalk didn't kill or seriously hurt me. How are my looks all you can think of when I am being loaded into an ambulance!?
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    Text - fuegoares 15h Make up lies to try to sound cooler but then completely contradict it later. If you want to impress a girl make sure you remember your lies Imao.
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    Text - BirdNerd01 13h Touching. Do not touch without permission.
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    Text - PertinentPuppet 5h Telling me how big my tits are/staring at them/ asking how big they are.
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    Text - loveisamazing4 14h Just the fact that some guys don't understand how to be a gentleman. "A simple Hi my name is | wanted to know if you had time to talk?" will get you further than "hey baby you got a phat azz" Also not taking no for an answer once someone has decided they are not interested the worst thing you can do is get angry or try and push someone to say yes. Just take the L gracefully and don't take it too personal
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    Text - carotz 11h Just don't do it via random facebook message. I once had a guy start a conversation with . What the fuck am I going to reply with?
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    Text - foolshearme 14h anything and everything about sending dick pics DONT DO IT
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    Text - eraser_dust 16h Doing that thing where they try to one up everyone and trash every guy. Just screams insecure douche.
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    Text - CrossBreedP 20h Having too many expectations in a starting conversation.
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    Text - jojomecoco 19h Name dropping that they own a sports car/boat/ mansion/whatever to appear rich. I honestly don't give a shit what your annual income is and what tax bracket you belong to. If you can make me laugh, you can hold a conversation, and you treat me like a human being (oh, and attraction helps too), then you're halfway there.
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    Text - kaseydjones 16h Making unrealistic remarks for the sake of banter. Flirting should be a ladder, and you start on the first rung. If you talk about wife-ing me up because I'm decent at pool, I'm going to assume you don't mean the things you say and/or that you flirt to entertain yourself.
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    Text - isthischick4real 11h hold the door open for you once and think they're being soooo0 obvious so the next move is obviously to try to kiss you
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    Text - StmpnkPrincess 14h Gyys who use pet names like doll or baby before even bothing to try to learn my name.
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    Text - AugustaScarlett 15h The ones that annoyed me the most back in the day were the guys who had internalized that they should show interest by asking questions, but all their follow-up questions about the topic were on the order of "Why did you do that?" "Why didn't you do [x]?" "What for?" etc. A stream of those made it sound like they were challenging me and I felt like I was being asked to justify everything l'd said or done about whatever it was. It was bad enough that I didn't realize I
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    Text - ceilingkat 18h Not handling rejection with grace. My last boyfriend actually asked me out a year before we got together and I said no. He handled it so well that it actually made him more attractive. I just wasn't dating at the time but his reaction kept the prospect open.
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    Text - Reshi_the_kingslayer 15h So this is a pretty specific example, but I was at a bar once and this guy commented on my hair. I'm a ginger. He said he heard redheads were going extinct. I was like yeah I guess, so he says that we need to have babies to prevent that. Like, no, Don't tell a stranger you want to have babies with them.
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    Text - _inkblot If i'm at work, do not flirt with me. Not just because it distracts me from my job but because Thave to smile and nod and play along or risk losing my job for not providing a good enough 'customer experience'. That barista who smiled at you and made smalltalk while handing you your frap? Not flirting with you, just wearing the customer service face and being genuinely pleasant. And if you made a gross pass at her and she laughed, chances are the moment you walked out she turned t
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    Text - rullyrullyrull 15h Dropping hints that they have tons of knowledge related to hip hop right from the jump. Yup, I'm black. Nope, you don't need to rap immediately.
  • 24
    Text - feijis 20h Do it in a dumb place. Some guy tried to flirt with me in the line for reception at my university and continued to keep trying to talk to me when I was speaking to the woman behind like the desk like mate, there's a time and a place!
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    Text - eshilli 20h Cat calling. Dunno if those guys are actually trying to flirt though
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    Text - booo0000000_cowboys 15h Approaching me with some variation of "Hey, you're really pretty!" stares expectantly This is bad flirting because: 1) It isn't actually a conversation starter. There's no where to go after awkwardly thanking you. 2) Literally every single guy who has ever flirted with me in my life has told me that I'm pretty. It's not special or memorable in any way. I've heard it enough times that I'm desensitized to it. To me it's just one of those things that people say during
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    Text - raggedclaws_silentCs 14h Please don't joke that you would marry me if you were younger! How am I supposed to respond to that? And please recognize my awkward laugh me trying to not encourage you to continue. My real laugh will not sound forced and unenthusiastic.
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    Text - Kira343 13h Not reading my body language or paying attention to setting. If I'm speed walking and staring at the ground, that means I don't want to be bothered by others. Also, don't start flirting with me when I am trapped and isolated (l.e elevator, bus by ourselves, etc.). It can be kinda scary and puts me in a awkward position of having to bail early and risk not getting to where need in a timely manner. As an important (and hopefully obvious) hint, NEVER try flirting from within your
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    Text - dahHurricane 17h For whatever reason I've noticed that some guys think they can earn brownie points with me with weird things pertaining to my race. I remember one guy asked me if I was from Thailand and then when I corrected him, he started talking about how 'ALL' his friends at church are from 'same-Asian-county', and about how much he loves the food, the people, the girls, blah blah blah.. Or l'll get the classic "Asian girls are so pretty.."
  • 30
    Text - broadswordmaiden 19h Please don't get in my space and tower over me. I get you're trying to be friendly, but you're seriously intimidating and making it harder for me to get out of a bad situation.
  • 31
    Text - no_ducks 21h Tell me how their pickup lines or "party tricks" have gotten them laid or worked on other girls in the pas... Anything where you are bragging in a way that makes you look like a self absorbed dick. I understand trying to impress said girl, but sometimes it gets taken to a level where its really unattractive.
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    Text - xLemonPhantomx 20h Guys think it's appropriate to get uncomfortably close to you. You can be 2-4 feet away from me to flirt, you do not need to get 6 inches away from me. It's not a polite thing to do.
  • 33
    Text - Imakefishdrown 19h Physically touching me as an opener. Like rubbing my arm, "Your skin is so soft," umm please don't skin me and wear it.
  • 34
    Text - adyingbreedx 20h Assume that I am smart enough to recognize flirting
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    Text - a-little-sleepy 15h Challenging me on my interests. I was at a bar back from a slip knot concert, wearing a slip knot t-shirt and I still had the bands on my arm. A guy had the audacity to ask "do you even know that band you are wearing" in an obnoxious voice. When I said yes he challenged me to name all their songs and the last cd. That I probably only wore that to get with rockers and we should head to his. I don't need to prove my interests. No one has too. Acting like you are superior
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    Text - MapleJinx 19h Standing too close. Seriously, dude, take a step two back. Cornering a girl in isn't going to make her like you, she's just going to be uncomfortable the whole time. Oh, and along with that, staring. It's not making me think you're interested, it's making me feel like a scientific experiment. BLINK MOTHERFUCKER
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    Text - floating-phrases 14h Not me personally, but I see guys attempting to flirt with my attractive friend by saying things like: you're pretty good for a girl I didn't think pretty girls like you would do stuff like this Other stuff I can't think of right now. She's and I agree it's an immediate turn off.
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    Text - tartigrade1703 16h Always trying to make a woman laugh. Just be yourself. If you're not that funny, cracking jokes will just make her feel awkward. But if you talk about something that really interests you, she might be intrigued. A sense of humor isn't so much just about being funny as it is about not taking yourself too seriously.
  • 39
    Text - TropicalPriest 14h My bestfriend recently glowed up hard. Like, became a model in the past 4 months- not that she wasn't already pretty but even i'm blown away A guy from one of her second year classes commented on a photo with "wow! Great improvement!" And then proceeded to try to carry a conversation with her while telling her her personalty is like sheldon from the big bang theory because she's super awkward. He then asked her why she didn't want to talk to him. Don't do any of these t
  • 40
    Text - thenightbattles 17h Men who think is somehow flattering to compliment me, and immediately degrade every other woman in the room. Last time it happened to me, the guy said it was "so refreshing" to see a girl play the game I was playing, rather than the trash that "all other women play".
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    Text - stellalalalalalala 21h many guys (especially ones that approach you on the street) will be waaaayyyy too aggressive and/ or persistent right off the bat. it's a major turn off
  • 42
    Text - grapefruitsnacks 16h Putting their arm around me or touching me during our first ever conversation. Basically invading my personal space too soon before I've gotten the chance to feel safe and comfortable around them.
  • 43
    Text - Justask_24 20h Thave guys walk up to me and say "hey baby you're my type we should leave here and hang out some more." I honestly don't know what they hope to accomplish but it definitely doesn't work
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  • 44
    Text - KingLeonidatass 20h Inappropriate dances, lack of good colours in their wings, weak call and bring unable to perform better than an older male, all contribute.
  • 45
    Text - Quantum-Enigma 19h Any sexual comments. If I don't know you and we haven't been dating a while, keep the conversation decent.. otherwise it's inappropriate and insulting when I don't have that type of relationship with you. That's the fastest way to make sure it'll never happen.
  • 46
    Text - michaeljacksonisdad 18h Assuming that I should drop my academic responsibilities to go see them, instead of patiently waiting for another time. No, I am not going to push off my essay or project another night because you want to Netflix and chill, go do your work and wait for another day.
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  • 47
    Text - pieceofgrass 15h Try to seem smart about something but really you're coming off as arrogant.
  • 48
    Text - isladesangre 18h Don't repeat my name over and over. It sounds creepy


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