Person Tries To Scam Someone Via Facebook, But Doesn't Expect This Outcome

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    This is how a scammed

    Text - ll T-Mobile Wi-Fi 22:32 56% Claudette Shafer Home Messenger Claudette Shafer Send Claudette Shafer a message You added Claudette on April 25, 2018 06:44 Hello, how are you doing? You accepted Claudette's request. I'm doing good and you? Missed Video Chat 19:28 Claudette missed a video chat with you. Call Back 21:51 I'm doing good and terrific.. .good to hear from you How is everyone doing? The video chat ended. View How was the quality of your call? $ ++ Aa (:)

    "This is my "Aunt" messaging me today. She passed into the gates late last month. This account messaged me this morning and was able to talk to me tonight. I have decided to keep her name and picture in to provide with verification in case someone falls for the shenanigans she was proposing."

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    Text - ll T-Mobile Wi-Fi 22:32 56% Claudette Shafer Home Messenger How was the quality of your call? Submit Everyone is good, where are you? Just see your message, I'm in church right now. My regards to everyone. I will relay to the fam. Didn't know they had church on Wednesday nights A friend of mine called me today there is program in church tonight. Hope you have gotten your cash fund yet? That's fantastic that they have a program tonight You mean my refund from the irs? Аa

    "She made the mistake of calling me and showing her face for a brief second, yes I knew it wasn't her from the start, but I will play into phishing scams, especially family."

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    Text - oll T-Mobile Wi-Fi 57% 22:32 Claudette Shafer Home Messenger You mean my refund from the irs? did on Monday I mean the cash fund from the GofundMe. They embarked on a worldwide promotion and offer cash fund for Charity, Disable, Sick people, Retired, Unemployment, Student, Workers, Youth and Old people to maintain life and to eradicate poverty. Have you not gotten yours too? Nope, I didn't know about it I also got a cash fund from the foundation and I saw your name on their winners list t
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    Text - ll T-Mobile Wi-Fi 22:32 57% Claudette Shafer Home Messenger That's awesome I'll have to look it up You will have to text your full name and your email address to them on their email address or their text number to help you check for your name on their winning list, that's how I did mine too. Should i send you their detail information the one i contacted during mine? Sure Ok, hold let me check it for you. This is their contact text number and their email address..... 8728145385. gofundme20
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    Text - l T-Mobile Wi-Fi 22:32 57% Claudette Shafer Home Messenger Why does go fund me not have a go fund me address? A friend of mine that saw my name on their winners list, that's what she sent to me about the If contact information and I text them immediately, to God be the glory they got back to me and I have y fund delivered to me. How much did you get back? I got $65,000 delivered to me via,their delivery team. Holy crap that's a lot of money Can I be honest for a moment? That's the blessin
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    Text - l T-Mobile Wi-Fi 22:32 57% Claudette Shafer Home Messenger This persons name and picture is of my great aunt, she just passed away a month ago. I knew you were fake from the get go. The video call didn't help either since I could see you were clearly not her. I have friends in different walks of life that can track IP addresses from where even burner accounts were created and verified from. I have already warned my family and friends of my Aunt about your account. I plan on blocking you a

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