Children Of Anti-Vaxxers Are Revealing What Happened When They Grew Up

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    Text - Volcano_gurl 20h My parents used to not vaccinate me or any of my four siblings, but when I was like three years old me and my siblings all came down with whooping cough. It scarred my lungs and | have yellow stains on my teeth because the high fevers cooked my adult teeth inside my head. My parents vaccinated us after that. Edit; I am not and have never been mad or spiteful to my parents for not vaccinating me. I don't really consider them anti-vaxers, my parents were very young when the
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    Text - TogetherInABookSea 20h The real war for me as a mother was getting my parents to vaccinate themselves. No baby time unless they got flu and Tdap. They aren't even anti-vaxxers! My in-laws lean more crunchy/anti-vaxxy, but they happily got the shots. My mom tried to lock horns with me while I was on bedrest and in very delicate condition. It took me telling her they wouldn't get to see baby for her to get the shots.
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    Text - knsnlb 19h Finally one I can answer, personally. I would use a throwaway but I doubt my mom will ever see this. As a child, I don't remember ever going to a doctor. I was born in a bathtub with a midwife and all. But, I was also from a big city and a small apartment complex, not having the money was a reasonable explanation for all of that. As I grew up, jobs changed. II bounced around from elementary schools, middle schools, and moved a few times. It wasn't until senior year of highschoo
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    Text - monroezabaleta 21h As soon as I turned 18 I got all of my vaccines up to date, my mother stopped after I was 7 or so. My dad didn't agree with her but respected her wishes. After I got them updated through my dad's health insurance she was annoyed about it but I eventually managed to explain hurd immunity to her, and also found enough sources calling that out the study that claimed vaccines cause autism that she finally admitted she was incorrect, but still won't admit that vaccines aren'
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    Text - strangeunluckyfetus 18h Mom got rubella when pregnant with me as a result I was born severely deaf so there ya go. Life's not the best. Yall don't be fucking stupid. Edit: yes my name here is very relevant thanks guys Imao
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    Text - Professor_Zolomon 20h My story actually starts out a bit different from most anti-vaxxer parents in that they were both pro-vaccine until I was about 3. As it turns out, I am one of the very unlucky few who had an anaphylactic reaction to the MMR vaccine. My uncle apparently had one too, so I think there's a genetic factor. Anyways this turned my mom into a raging anti-vaxxer. My dad was never really against it thankfully, but it was my mom who got to make the medical decisions. When I wa
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    Text - itsshamefulreally 20h When I was 19 I had to get some vaccines in order to start college and my mom was NOT helpful. First she tried to get me exempt from the vaccines and when that didn't work she sent me into the clinic (alone) with completely false/ outdated info. I was super embarrassed when the nurses looked at my notes and told me that none of it was correct. But luckily they helped me figure out what I needed and didn't shame me too much for not having a previous vaccina- tion reco
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    Text - degraffendore 20h My mother stopped getting me immunized when I was five. My dad wanted us immunized but since Mom was against it my little brother and sister never got theirs. I got completely caught up once I turned 19. Dad got remarried a few years ago and he and his new wife are apparently anti vaxxers now and believe that my baby sisters issue with one of her pinky fingers was caused from something his wife got while pregnant and the entire thing is just completely whackadoodle.
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    Text - roughnecktwozero 19h My parents were anti-vaxxers before it was cool. Like in the 90s. Kinda that ex-hippie, alternative medicine crowd but still conservative somehow. Anyway, I got my EMT license a few years ago and they were like hey we see that you don't have these vaccinations on your record. I had totally forgotten that I didn't have these basic MMR type vacces. I said "Load me up with everything you can". And now I'm a super hero. They weren't happy that I got them, but my mom also
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    Text - bellend_bellend 20h My mum didn't get the measles vaccination because at the time she thought it caused autism; she was kinda one of the first anti-vaxers, wrote to papers about it everything. Anyway, a girl in our social group caught meningitis and died, basically freakishly uncommon. After that, mum was really scared the same thing could happen to me with any disease and basically begged me to get up to date with my shots. I guess the main takeaway is that when my mum was younger, and i
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    Text - guardian528 19h I didn't receive any vaccinations through childhood due to my parents beliefs. Once I got to college, I did my own research on them learned the actual science behind them, and got all vaccinations in college. I then went to medical school, and yet they still don't believe me and my medical degree regarding vaccinations. Holidays can get awkward
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    Text - affixqc 18h I'm not sure this qualifies, but my parents didn't give us the whooping cough vaccine under the advisement of our pediatrician. I actually didn't know this until last year, so I went and got vaccinated on my mom's recommendation She wrote my siblings and me the following email to bring it up: As a parent, you are bound to make many mistakes. For me, not having the advantage of younger siblings, the internet, or (initially) many friends with babies, / think I learned parenting
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    Text - illtemperedklavier 19h My sister was the right age when they introduced Gardasil in schools, but my mom didn't provide consent because she thought that a vaccine against a virus that is transmitted sexually would make my sister have tons of premarital sex.
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