Dating Fails

Bathrooms: The Last Refuge of True Love

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    You Could Arm Wrestle Too

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    So much room for activities!
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    All Are Welcome

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    Shoes optional.
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    He Was Hoping To Meet Someone

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    But it looks like they're both taken.
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    Hand Blower

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    This couple's honeymoon was a tour of the US' greatest bathrooms.
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    This Love Sponsored By Chuck Taylor

    He's everywhere you wish you were.
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    If Only The Toilets Were Attached

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    Then one of us wouldn't have to be on the floor!
  • 7

    Resolved To Work It Out

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    Never go to stall angry.
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    That Never Happens To Me

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    Mass exodus.
  • 9

    It's Important That They Each Have Their Own Toilet Paper

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    Toilets are one thing, but the accompanying paper entirely another.


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