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11 Conversations That Showcase Why Texting is the Worst

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    What, You Don't Like the Cats?

    Text - oo AT&T @ 49% 00 AT&T @ 49% 7:34 PM 7:34 PM 3 Contac Messages Conta Messages 3 wDIO uave ve iur Numba Nd Told Me To Hit Her Up I'm jk it's Tinal Aye Tina Who You With? HahaHaha I Didnt Think You'd With Me Like Dat! Want Something To Keep You Satisfied For The Night?6 Hey man. Just with my cat Wtf Man You Ain't Tina Hahahah Wtf You Know A Tina? Still me man sorry Delivere No. She gave you the wrong WTF MAN!!! number dude How Many Cats You Got Bro Wtf Bro She Gave Me Your Sen Message IMessa
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    No Thanks, I'll Just Ride My Scooter Out of Here

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    Teens do it, College Kids do it, Even Parents Bored at the Office do it!

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    The Wrongest of Wrong Numbers

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    Cereal Always Takes Priority

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    Dad Loves One Thing and One Thing Only

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    Dad Knows the Memes are too Spicy for Kids

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    You Don't Need Any Other Excuse

  • 9

    The Scariest, Sexiest Emoji Creation Ever

  • 10

    Can't be Tamed!

    Text - 9:07 AM oo Verizon LTE 73% Messages Group Details To: Mom, Jayne, Allison & 2 more... Jack and Katie, the front tire of the Jetta is flat. Do no draw it. I will call Triple A tonight. Jack, should I have them tow it to that Tire store? Drive not draw M Don't tell me what to do Subject iMessage
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  • 11

    Literally Go Away

    Troll makes meme of bring on a roll (rolls eyes)


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