I Can Has Cheezburger?

Funniest Salem The Cat Quotes From "Sabrina, The Teenage Witch"

  • 1
    salem cat wearing suit putting money on table When you meet with someone who doubted you and want to subtly show that you're successful.
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  • 2
    salem cat near staircase Hey, dogs guard. Cats watch. And judge.
  • 3
    salem near pumpkin heads cheetos should we served at room temperature
  • 4
    salem in front of computer and mouse When you want your followers to talk to you but don't know how to start a conversation
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  • 5
    salem wearing tie still want to take over the world yes
  • 6
    salem cat - Finally, someone whose life is more pathetic than mine. When you meet someone who's still expecting Game of Thrones to be satisfying
  • 7
    salem cat wearing birthday hat in front of cakes when im happy and sad i eat
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  • 8
    salem cat with telephone we should hang out some time
  • 9
    salem cat Someone's gonna end up crying Probably me Getting ready for a party
  • 10
    salem cat with newspaper And let's give a big warm welcome to sadness Reading the news every morning
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  • 11
    sabrina witch holding salem Dear Lord, you picked up a guy at the bus station.
  • 12
    salem Cat - I never cared for the name Mildred.
  • 13
    salem Cat - You don't have to order me a pizza, but make it half sausage, half clams.
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  • 14
    salem cat yes control chilli i have it all
  • 15
    salem cat with food bowl Show me the tuna.
  • 16
    salem cat inside small red car this car says i got it going on


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