Help Celebrate Canada Day By Honoring a Few of the Best People Born in America's Hat

We don't do much celebrating of Canada Day here in the U.S. of A. and we probably should!

I mean, here you have this broad, frozen expanse full of weird money and bags of milk that has given the world an insane amount of talent.

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    Regina George herself

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    Via IMDB

    Sure, Rachel McAdams has done plenty of things since Mean Girls, some of them have been actually pretty great.

    But for us, she will always be that alpha queen who authored the Burn Bookand got hit by a bus.

    For real, though, she's great in this new season of True Detective. 

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    Praise Canada for the gift of Gosling

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    Via paperblog
    Ryan Gosling has already given the world so much.

    A lasting meme ^. 

    An incredible scorpion jacket. 

    And a refusal to eat his cereal.

    Thank you, Canada. 

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    Cheer up, Keanu, it's Canada Day!

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    Via timeinc

    Without Mr. Reeves, we wouldn't have one good Matrix movie, a surfing action classic and a generation of people who have an incorrect understanding of history from Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure

    Also, did you see John Wick?

    Just go see John Wick.

    Or see it again. 

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    Seth Rogen claims the great white north as his own

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    Via cultofmac

    The comedy landscape of the past 15 years would look far different if this scruffy stoner hadn't of made his way down from hoser town. 

    And we should help celebrate Canada Day in his honor, right?


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    Browncoats, unite and celebrate Canada Day!

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    Who knows when Nathan Fillion decided to make an eternal impression on the geek culture of the 20th and 21st century. 

    But he did and he came from Canada. 

    That's all you need to celebrate. 

    Thanks Castle. And Canada. 

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    And thank you, Canada, for Phil Hartman

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    Via newyorker
    Though he left this world far too soon, Phil Hartman made an indelible mark on comedy.

    As the original ¯\_(?)_/¯ 

    Or as the Frozen Caveman Lawyer

    He was one of the absoulte best comedians and continues to set a very high benchmark.

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    Now you can watch this documentary about life in Canada

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