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Three Cat Moms Share Their Daily Parenting Routine

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    Molly Douglas & Margot

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    "Margot and I have a pretty steady routine: every morning when I wake up she hops onto my bed and curls her tail around my arm while I pet her. When I come home from work she's waiting for me at the door and usually flops over, stretching out her whole body so I'll rub her belly (she also has this super adorable little chirpy mew-brrrep sound she makes, and the belly rubs are accompanied by her little chatter). Every night she curls up to sleep in this little bed I fashioned out of an Ikea cart and fleece blanket. We also love to carry on conversations where either one of us will talk to the other and we go back and forth like that for a while".

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    Vanessa Nemec & Gatsby

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    "Gatsby is the kind of best friend who keeps you humble and isn't afraid to call you out. I consider myself to be kind of a goof. I love giggling and don't take myself too seriously. Sometimes when I'm dancing around my house or being silly, I feel like Gatsby is just sitting there rolling his eyes at me in his tuxedo, like, "girl what are you even doing?" As serious as he is, he's also super affectionate. When I'm gone all day at work and come back he greets me at the door, circles my feet, falls flat on his back waiting for belly rubs, then proceeds to yell at me asking where I've been in his adorable high-pitched meows. He won't let me do anything else until he's gotten at least 10 minutes of snuggles. He knows I need the snuggles just as much as he does. Gatsby is always by my side when I'm home. He follows me around my apartment, helping me cook in the kitchen, reading with me on the couch, lying in bed with me, he even sits in the bathroom and waits for me while I shower. He loves to sit in the sink while I'm in the kitchen and waits patiently for me to turn on the water so that  slow steady drips come out of the faucet. He will sit there under the dripping water, elegantly sipping each drip as it comes out of the faucet with his cute little tongue". 

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    Jessica Matlin & Janetta

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    "Janetta and I have our own secret language. When I sneeze, she does the strangest thing: She opens her mouth and lets out this odd staccato, crackling sound that lasts for a good five seconds. She only does it when I sneeze, not when anyone else does. I think she's worried about me. I've Googled this countless times—using every combination of words—but I've never heard of this phenomenon. Guess it's just our thing.She also kisses me when I have been away for a few days. When I sit on the couch or lie down, she rubs her heart-shaped kitty nose against my nose and lips. And when I shower, I come out to find her waiting by the door, her two front paws together. It's so sweet. Like a baby, she is very attached. Each morning, she wakes up her dad, coming in for cuddles, following him into the kitchen for breakfast, then going back to bed for a second snooze with me. She often follows me into the bathroom to get ready in the morning. Our routine—and all of her little movements, sounds, looks, and moments of connection—keep me laughing every single day. They make the tough ones so much more bearable. She is our little clown. That's another nickname". 


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