Guys Share Signs That A Woman Is Creepy

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    Text - Stop_Sign 8h She asks what your religion is, and when you give an answer different than hers you hear her mutter "we could work on that" Happened to me, she was a weekly church goer and I'm atheist.
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    Text - DarkPasta 8h I've posted this before, buuuut: a long time ago in the nineties I was set up on a blind date. The girl knew *way* too much about me. She knew by brothers names, where I grew up, and other personal stuff you'd have to dig a little to find out. This was pre-facebook, and back in the nineties she would've had to ask people who actually knew me to find out. She was just a friend of a friend of a friend kind of thing, sol noped out of that one pretty quick. Later, I asked the peo
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    Text - herman-the-vermin 5h In high school there was a girl who "liked" me. She ended up carving my name into her foot.
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    Text - RhodesianShortShorts 9h Outright refusing to believe that a guy might not be into her advances. I've seen a woman stare in bewilderment at her boyfriend after he had to repeatedly remove her hand from his crotch because she couldn't comprehend that he didn't| feel like getting felt up in a public area. I've also had a woman (middle aged) throw a tantrum because I wouldn't buy her a drink when I (22 at the time) was at a bar - while I was with my parents and some visiting family members.
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    Text - Evildead667 9h tighty whiteys stapled to her wall as conquests....l've seen it, it's out there.
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    Text - bldyjingojango 4h My ex would like freak out and throw things and scream at me. That's not the disturbing thing, she would fucking forget about it hit reset and act like it didn't happen the next day. Over and over. I started filming her episodes to prove to myself I wasn't going crazy.
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    Text - illini02. 5h Asking for your passwords (phone, email, face- book, etc) as a sign of "trust". Nope. I have noth- ing to hide. However, when you think you need to have that information, it shows you already don't trust me. And anyone who asks and then says they won't use it, is lying. They may not use it that day, or even soon, but they will use it at some point, because the same suspicion that led to them asking for it, will lead them to use it
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    Text - dkarb 5h When you go over to her house late at night and she guides you through her pitch black house to a room full of Disney dolls and acts like that is normal.
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    Text - eggn00dles 4h inability to apologize for anything ever. punishing you silent treatment for doing something you had no idea would be offensive to them. having expectations of you, that they don't try to meet themselves.
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    Text - jc_sailorboi 6h She'll "joke" about having kids before you're even in a serious relationship. I went on a couple dates with this one girl who had mentioned how much she wanted kids. Nothing unusual pretty common actually, I'm looking forward to being a dad one day. Then she started sending me those weird things where you put two people's pictures together and see what their kids would look like. One time would be quirky. But she sent me a different one every morning for a week. Broke it o
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    Text - dottmatrix 9h An all-consuming obsession with horses. An inability to live her life as it is now, instead being laser-focused on getting a husband and then having children. I'm not talking about normal long-term goals here - I mean a single girl who's always talking about finding her husband and having kids, when the proper next step is finding a boyfriend, the step after that being engagement, then marriage, then having children. FWIW, every girl I've known who is like this has also live
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    Text - Tastybeverageson 9h They're always talking about themselves and when they are it's always about some small instance blown out of proportion to make them seem like a constant victim of the world
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    Text - MrAkaziel 9h When they know more about your errands than what you told her. Extra creepy point is she becomes angry when you deviate from your initial daily plans. Extra extra creepy points if she starts angrily texting you when you change your plans as your day is unfolding. Edit: Thanks for caring for me guys! Hopefully this is not a situation I'm currently or have been in. While I do have an ex -both girlfriend then friend- which ended up to be a very toxic person for me and I'm still
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    Text - I-Am-Worthless 2h Calling up to my job and saying she's my wife and she's trying to get ahold of me. We had two dates Linda, I didn't even fuck you. But you're fucking crazy. LEAVE ME ALONE LINDA. WHO TF IS EVEN NAMED LINDA ANYMORE
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    Text - quiaudetvincet 9h When she starts taking offense to doing anything without her involved. Had one girlfriend who insisted that she be with me for any outing. watching movies with friends, having dinner and drinks with the guys, she always found a way to come along. When I asked why she was so insistent on going everywhere with me, she said she wanted to make sure I wasn't talking to any other girls, and shortly after told me to cut off contact with every girl I regularly talked to, which r
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    Text - Walker123t 3h I had a girlfriend who yelled at me for spending $9,000 on my mountain bike instead of on her. I race professional and I took her out to dinner at least 3 times a week and got her gifts all the time. Plus we got to travel the world thanks to sponsors. But the one purchase for my self was to selfish.
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    Text - thejaypalmershow 6h I had a boss who acted like i could do no wrong. She praised me and thought i was the best. Then one day like a switch she turned on me. She acted likei was the spawn of Satan.... I dont know how i didnt lose my job. Somehow i weazled my way out of that mess. Then i noticed she does the same thing with all her new men employees... I dont take well to obsessive praise anymore after he...


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