I Can Has Cheezburger?

The Best Cat Pranks Ever (10 Gifs)

  • 1

    Oh Look It's Another Cat...a Magical...Disappearing Cat?

    gif of cat watching cat video on screen
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  • 2

    Must. Eat. Human. Dinner.

    gif cat trying to reach food from under glass table
  • 3

    The Enemy Is Alive! Everyone Run! Save Yourselves!

    gif cats climbing a vacuum cleaner and accidentally turning it on
  • 4

    Snack Time Meets an Unexplainable New Obstacle

    gif cat on treadmill trying to eat spaghetti
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  • 5

    Surprise! Mwahahaha!

    gif cat attacking men in suits
  • 6

    Who Needs a Treadmill?

    gif cat trying to run up slide
  • 7

    What Sorcery Is This?!

    gif cat chasing red dot and getting stuck in clear plastic wrap
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  • 8

    Beware of the Evil Talking Blob

    gif cats turning on some machine and getting scared by it
  • 9

    Hey Mom Can You Show Me What This....Daaaaah!!!

    gif getting scared by door stop
  • 10

    The Master of Disguise

    gif camouflaged cat revealing itself to another cat
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  • 11

    The Dog Gets His Watery Revenge

    gif dog pushing cat into full bath tub


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