18 Times Wendy's Tore Twitter Up With Savage Roasts

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    Junk food - Price and participation may varya mited time only Offer noalid N Aaska and Hawail In des Jr. Bacon Cheoseburger small friesa small drink, andpiece nuggels MONaNG SIAUTMO Follow Wendy's @Wendys The 4 for $4 Meal: a trayful of mouth-filling glory. EN
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    Dish - BURGER KING URGES ING Burger King @BurgerKing 5 for $4, because 5 is better than 4 Follow
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    Text - Brittany Guernsey @bguerns13 22 Jan @Wendys what are you firing back Wendy's @Wendys Follow @bguerns13 edible food
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    Text - Jason @jason_yerex 15h Waiting for the @Wendys roast to happen to me Wendy's @Wendys Follow @jason_yerex Turn your hat around, you aren't Bart Simpson, and it isn't 1997
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    Text - phono @ceophono @Wendys you're food is trash Wendy's @Wendys @ceophono No, your opinion is though
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    Text - Joey Staffileno @jstaff15 4d well let's see how @Wendys feels. Which 4 for 4 is better? t 740 2 726 Wendy's@Wendys 4d We usually prefer the original to a knock off, but hey, you do you HIESTH t 3,593 9,564 38 Hardee's @Hardees 4d Hardee's Just because you were first doesn't mean you're best 22 2,789 2,772
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    Text - Wendy's @Wendys Replying to @Hardees and 2 others Tell us the fourth person to walk on the moon without googling it.
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    Text - Wendy's @Wendys Replying to @Wendys and 3 others lol They blocked us.
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    Text - @MikeyM3YT @Wendys they've got 1.1 million followers but don't know how to ignore people roasting them. Does a 12 year old run this twitter? RETWEETS LIKES 28 45
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    Text - Wendy's @Wendys Jan 6 @MikeyM3YT yes it's really hard balancing this job and a full middle school courseload but I make it work 21 好 719 2.4K OfficiallyAGuy @OfficiallyAGuy 19h DO-A-GE@Wendys Where can i get a big mac.. 1 t1 3 Wendy's Follow @Wendys Replying to @OfficiallyAGuy Take Disappointment Rd, then turn left on Regret Blvd
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    Text - Devon Peacock @dpeacock980 4 gen @Wendys How much does a Big Mac cost? Wendy's @Wendys @dpeacock980 Your dignity
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    Text - P S G@PSGIsLife 1h . @Wendys Your Big Mac is amazing! t1 Wendy's Follow @Wendys Replying to @PSGIsLife new phone who dis
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    Text - 2h Hey @Wendys what's better than the new McDonald's grand mac? t1 Wendy's Following @Wendys @CraigJonesUC Every single item on our menu.
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    Text - @Wendys what should I get from McDonald's???? Wendy's @Wendys Follow @carladelreyy Directions to the nearest Wendy's
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    Text - debbieh @kitty_Debbie09 6h @Wendys why does your logo look so creepy 1 7 Wendy's @Wendys ITS @kitty_Debbie09
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    Text - Sebastian Camacho @sandmite_ 2h @Wendys im at chekers what do i get Wendy's @Wendys Follow Replying to @sandmite_ Just jump over the other color pieces until you win the game
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    Text - iceycarlos @uhhvasquez @Wendys I'm at in and out, what should I get?
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    Text - Wendy's @Wendys 11h @uhhvasquez out 13 1,006 1,861


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