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We Have Found The 15 Most Dramatic Animals On The Internet (Gifs)

  • 1

    This Horse Who Has Seen How You Die

    gif white horse with wide eyes
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  • 2

    This Hawk Who Is, Frankly, Shocked

    gif of hawk with it's beak open and eyes wide
  • 3

    This Cat Who Wasn't Expecting Company

    gif cat turning around and looking shocked
  • 4

    This Dog Who Just Missed His Stop

    gif waking up looking worried
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  • 5

    This Bushbaby Who Will Never Get Over This

    gif bush baby galago opening its eyes slowly in realization
  • 6

    This Mouse With Whom You Might Need Time to Rebuild Trust

    gif of white hamster looking surprised
  • 7

    This Bird Who Likes What He Sees

    gif of bird looking at camera
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  • 8

    This Kitty Who Just Heard You Say a Bad Word

    gif of cat holding its paw to its mouth
  • 9

    This Kitty Who Was Just Trying to Take a Nap, for god Sake

    gif cat waking up with surprised expression
  • 10

    These Owls Who Are Waiting for an Explanation

    gif three owls blinking
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  • 11

    This Turtle Who Can't Believe What You've Done

    gif turtle staring in shock
  • 12

    This guy Who Just Heard the News

    gif cat turning its head in surprise
  • 13

    This Chihuahua Who Totally Knew You Were Coming

    gif dog sitting up in shock
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  • 14

    This Boston Terrier Who Is Freaking Out... Man

    gif dog jumping on sofa then looking at the camera with a wide eyed stare
  • 15

    This Alpaca Who Has Really Had Enough of You

    gif white alpaca turning toward the camera


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