21 Sad Souls Reveal Their Social Media Lies

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    Text - From our pies together online, tloks like Imin love with him and happy bo be married im actually the most miserable lve everbeen in my ife
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    Military officer - On social media it seems like enjoy the Marine Corps lactually hate it so much.
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    Friendship - My social media accounts ortray the life oPa very wealthy woman. However, my bank account says otherwise No one really knows how bad my Finances are.
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    Text - le about my age and name on Social media because one of my many Fears is that someone willfind me and hurt me Ifeel bad for lying but Imtoo'scared to tell the truth to the wrong people
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    Facial expression - pretend to be a hoe on social mediato feel confident and sexy Ih person Im extremely shyand awkward
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    Text - Thave 1,133 followers on Instagramandeveryone asks me how lgot there only 2 days Efter creating my Insteagram. lie and say just did, when l reallyused the free Followers ар-
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    Product - tlooks likelhave so many friends from my soctal media Tmactualy inaredibly lanalgand aften have no one totalk to. Mai
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    Hair - post pics on social media they completely alber the way my weight and skin color look in real life Two things Im very insecure about.
  • 9
    Facial expression - Onsocial medialact lkelmtoo Cool for ib and dislike its However,Jam actualy obsessed with it.
  • 10
    Text - Opretend to have different social interests to fit non Social media. Oh,andIpretend that Imstraight, Derinitelygay
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    Friendship - No one knows youre deaf on Social media until you say Ssomethingwould know.On my pics, mylife looks normal No one knows Im not normal.
  • 12
    Text - he about every freakingthing on socialmedia .wholam, what ldo.ltakepteturesfrom SOcialmedia and crop themto make it seem ikelhave a lifel dont live.Ive hit rock bottom actually 10
  • 13
    Text - Mari Sheibley Mgeloks pteture parfect butall social media isa lie.Ifeel Soalone andlkeeppushing he envelope of destructive behaviors to feel alive. Noone truly knows the real me 5d mari
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    Text - lie on Facebook everydayto make people ealous of the Wonderfl life lhave Ihe tomy parents and friends too. However, have no one to tel the truth about how much dread waking up everyday
  • 15
    Text - OhFacebookImake myself seementitled lazy, a show off, and somewhat of a gold digger hrealitg Imjustadecent salaried exterminatorThey dont have toknow the truth
  • 16
    Friendship - Ustarted an Instagrampage about my Family and how perfect they are but there are Somany problems in my family lieto feel better, but lstill feel the pain inside
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  • 17
    Font - Mysocial media is a lie.Onit Im happy and postive, but in reality Fee hopeless and defeated
  • 18
    Text - NEVER litheckin' and log things Im doing on Facebook solcanlook abmy timeline and feel like Im not as boring as Irealyam
  • 19
    Cartoon - ie about being sober from heroin on social media to keep people from bugging me bo stop Also it boosts my popularityand makes ime look good.
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    Hair - ie about my sexuality on Facebook because Thaye a lot of conservative family members on there who would attack me for being bt
  • 21
    Text - Upretend to be a girl on social media and catfish boys because I findit fun


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