Megaman Gigamix Fan Opening

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Megaman Gigamix gets an amazing anime fan opening Blessed by the creator of Gigamix For those who aren't aware, there's a Mega Man manga series titled "Rockman Gigamix" in the wild, and it's a follow-up to the popular "Megamix" manga. The stories deal with events based on various Mega Man games including the Game Boy's "V," which introduces the Stardroids, led by their leader Terra. A fan by the name Panman has decided to create their own custom-made anime intro for the series, and it's been officially blessed by the manga's creator, Hitoshi Ariga. I'm really impressed by the quality of the intro itself -- it looks professionally made, and a ton of the Mega Man Classic cast is represented here. It's pretty much a must-watch for any fan. The video is a Gigamix parody of the opening sequence from the game "Namco x Capcom".

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