34 Names For Stuff You Might Not Know

You might have seen these things and never even for a second think... maybe there's a different name for this thing. Well, there is a different name, a correct name for all the small things we never thought of...

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    Aglet. The plastic bit at the end of shoelaces

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    Purlicue. The space between the thumb and index finger

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    Glabella. The space between your eyebrows

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    Lunule. The white, crescent shaped part at the bottom of the nail

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    Natiform. Something that looks like a butt

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    Phosphenes. The lights you see when you close your eyes and press a finger or hand to them

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  • 7

    Nurdle. A tiny dab of toothpaste

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  • 8

    Box tent. The little table in the middle of your pizza box

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  • 9

    Cornicione. The outer part of the crust on a pizza

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  • 10

    Barm. Foam on a beer

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  • 11

    Rasceta. The lines on the inside of your wrist

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  • 12

    Ferrule. The metal part at the end of a pencil

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  • 13

    Punt. The bottom of a wine bottle

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  • 14

    Keeper. The loop on a belt that keeps the end in place after you buckle it

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  • 15

    Zarf. Cardboard sleeve on a coffee

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  • 16

    Rectal Tenesmus. The feeling of taking an incomplete poop

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  • 17

    Agraffe. The wire cage that holds the cork in a bottle of champagne

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  • 18

    Columella nasi. The space between your nostrils

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  • 19

    Desire path. A path created because it is a shortcut, or easier

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  • 20

    Dysania. The state of finding it hard to get out of bed

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  • 21

    Muntin. The strip separating window panes

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  • 22

    Philtrum. The grope below the nose and above the center of the upper lip

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  • 23

    Vocable. The “na na na’s” and “la la la’s” in music that have no meaning

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  • 24

    Tittle. The dot over an i or j

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  • 25

    Crepuscular rays. Rays of sunlight coming from a particular point in the sky

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  • 26

    Snellen chart. The chart you use to take an eye exam

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  • 27

    Crapulence. The sick feeling you get after eating or drinking too much

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  • 28

    Obelus. The division sign

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  • 29

    Ideolocator. A “you are here” sign

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  • 30

    Brannock device. The thing they use to measure your feet at a shoe store

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  • 31

    Interrobang. What it’s called when you combine a question mark and an exclamation point. ?!

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  • 32

    Phloem bundles. The stringy things you get when peeling a banana

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  • 33

    Tmesis. When you separate a word for effect. (Seen in the phloem bundles description)

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  • 34

    Octothorpe. Another name for the pound/hashtag

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