17 More Shower Thoughts That Make Entirely Too Much Sense

  • 1
    Skin - People who rate porn videos are the unsung heroes of our generation.
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  • 2
    Product - After clearing your browser history, there should be an option to have it filled with random 'normal' websites, instead of it being all empty.
  • 3
    Meal - Candlelit dinners weren't so special before the light bulb was invented.
  • 4
    Skin - Imagine getting a QR code tattoo so that if they find your body and scan it, they'd get Rickrolled.
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  • 5
    Insect - Would a fly which travelled with you to a different state be accepted by the local flies?
  • 6
    Blond - We should get a notification when someone attempts to sign up an account with our username, so we can feel great for getting it first
  • 7
    Skin - Prostitution is the only job you can charge more for having no prior experience in the work.
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  • 8
    Product - Packs of gum should have 1stick of a different flavor so you can try different kinds without having to commit to a whole new pack WRLGLEYS DOUBIEMLNT CHEWING GUM affee Ga WRIGLIYS SSC0 Exart NOUSArAL 22224
  • 9
    Dairy cow - A ton of cows is not a lot of cows.
  • 10
    Billboard - Shouldn't billboards be illegal since they distract you from the road? DA PI Colvin Klein underw b gd 510 Van Wagner
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  • 11
    Lingerie - Porn is the only genre of video where it's acceptable to put a spoiler in the title.
  • 12
    Soccer ball - If you were born 1 year earlier/later, you would have had a completely different set of friends at school and as a result would probably have become a very different person.
  • 13
    Batman - There's a little under 500 billionaires on this planet and not a single one of them has decided to become Batman. PAE
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  • 14
    Bird food - I wonder if birds on my feeder are friends or if it's like a public bathroom and no one makes eye contact.
  • 15
    Pug - Who's crazier? A man who believes he has a talking dog? OR a man who consistently ignores great advice from his dog?
  • 16
    Footwear - If "look like a million bucks" is a compliment in the U.S., I bet it wouldn't work in Britain. "Does this dress make me look fat?" "No honey, you look like a million pounds!"
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  • 17
    Metal - Bullets are the only things that do their job only after they are fired.


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