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Live Tweeting of the Day: Patton Oswalt Gave a Better Performance than any Candidate at the GOP Debate

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    Readying himself, Oswalt set out to comment expertly on the proceedings

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    He analyzed most candidates with a fair eye. Candidates like Jeb Bush...

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    Chris Christie...

  • 4

    Mike Huckabee...

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    Ted Cruz...

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    Dr. Ben Carson...

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    Rand Paul...

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    John Kasich...

    The one positive note in Oswalt's live tweet was his reaction to Kasich's statement that he would love his daughter and support her just as much as he does now if she came out as gay.

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    Of course, Oswalt saved the best for Trump

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    Even the commenters received some attention from Oswalt's tweets

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    Of course, he gave out plenty of props to his side of the aisle

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    And he ended it like a classy champ


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