18 Cringey Things People Did While Blackout Drunk

  • 1
    Stairs - One time Igot blackout drunk and pooped on my stairs then laid inmy own vomit.wasnta good night
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  • 2
    Water - lonce came back frombeing blackout drunk right beforel got a tattoo Verynarrovwly avoided that,
  • 3
    Photo caption - That one time when I got blackout drunk aba partyltook the guylwas dating with me. Yeah, made out with two dudes nfront of him. Fail
  • 4
    Text - One time Ipeed the bed. When wokelwas stil blackout drunk and put the sheets in the tolet Chinking it was a washing maching
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  • 5
    Text - Iwas drunk last night and I told my best friend that Im bibut apparently she already knew because Itold her once before when lwas blackout drunk She knew.beforelaccentedit
  • 6
    Text - Ugot blackout drunk last night and sexted one of my guy friends Islept with once. Woke up to find all the pics Isent him and ones he sent me. They were very graphie, Drunkime forgot he has a Gf.
  • 7
    Drink - ve been best friends with this dude since we werekids Were21now.One time whenl was blackout drunkItried to kiss himand he rejected me,
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  • 8
    Text - One time I got blackout drunk and apparently ate a whole bowl of ranch dip and shot Fireworks at the power transformer in front of my house before running off into the night half naked
  • 9
    Text - Immagine Ogot so blackout drunk once, lit my passport on fire while on vacation in South America.
  • 10
    Text - 1 lgot blackout drunk and hooked with mycoworker. Again This is the third time our one ime thing has happened II Wishhe was better in beds
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  • 11
    Natural foods - ADURU Thad a friend who ance gob so blackout drunk that he wokeup in a different hotel withhis pants on backwards and 60 bucks in his pocket.
  • 12
    Text - One time Iwas blackout drunk got in the bath Woke up G&my Friends had left,had passed out in the full tub and mynose was millimeters fromthe water. Close call
  • 13
    Text - smoked a joint once after getting drunk on vodka &itwas a complete blackout My Folks said they real hada hard time to make me stop from dancing on the streets.
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  • 14
    Text - lance got blackout drunk and hooked up withmy best frtend and her husban..
  • 15
    Text - My fiance always worries about me losing controlwhen we go to parties.One timelgot blackout drunk andlended up cheating on him.Inever told him
  • 16
    Text - lonly got blackout drunk once butmy friends were like 1got you, Fam and made sure there was video evidence toremind me df that night.lwas ike Gee thanks guys aiw
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  • 17
    Text - lonce got blackout drunk and all of my Friends convinced me chat Ikissed my best friend. was already confused about my seXuality and they made it Worse for a fewdays Good times.
  • 18
    Text - lance got blackout drunk with my husband, stood ina corner and said sadly, 1 deserveto be here. D


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