Being Married To a Pregnant Women Isn't Easy And These Tweets Are Here To Prove It

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    Text - Can Do Alex Follow @aspen_writes Wife (wakes up): hi Мe: hi Wife: no, I said pie. #pregnantwifeproblems 5:41 AM - 25 Nov 2016 9 Likes
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    Text - Dad or Alive Follow @dad_or_alive Should I be concerned about 'sympathy weight' if today, my belly button popped out? #pregnantwife 8:01 PM - 28 Apr 2011
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    Text - Hunter D. Spencer Follow @MrSpencer0817 When your wife calls you at work and asks you to come home early to help her take off her shoes #PregnantWife 7:00 AM -15 Nov 2017
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    Text - Brian Follow @huntington_bt After two nights in the guest room, I'm officially back in the master and I'm even allowed my own pillow! #preggowifelife 7:08 PM -2 Sep 2015
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    Text - Chris Pendleton Follow @ChrisnotBritton This is the quote I woke up t... "Can you turn over and face the other way? Your breath is making me nauseous." #PregnantWifeLife 9:15 AM -24 Apr 2015 4 Retweets 20 Likes
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    Text - Scott Francis Sowter Follow @scottfsowter Me: "Hunny, I've been shot." Wife: "Yeah, well at least you're not pregnant!" #mypregnantwife 5:09 AM-4 May 2017
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    Text - Adam Follow @FlaPnthrsPunk It's so damn cold in my house that I'm going to form icicles hanging from my chin. #pregnantwifeproblems 3:57 PM 10 Jul 2016
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    Text - Frothy Dad Follow @FrothyDad The boobs are growing. THE BOOBS ARE GROWING! ...The boobs are too sore to be enjoyed. DAMMIT! #pregnantwife #newdad #boobtease 6:15 AM - 8 Apr 2017
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    Text - Will Kersey Follow @WillKersey Just spent $25 at the gas station and none of it on gas. #pregnantwifeproblems 12:10 PM - 4 Sep 2015
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    Text - Job Hammond Follow @Jobliterated My wife just threatened me with her hormones. #pregnantwifeproblems 11:46 AM - 20 Dec 2013
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    Text - Job Hammond Follow @Jobliterated My wife just threatened me with her hormones. #pregnantwifeproblems 11:46 AM - 20 Dec 2013
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    Text - Christopher Smith Follow @TheLensLife Note to self #153: Never take away a pregnant woman's ice-cream. She will punch you. In the throat. #preggerswife 6:46 PM - 11 May 2011
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    Text - Aaron Winter Follow @RtGnB87 "Where is my juice?" she asked. The edge on her voice made it clear that death was imminent. Not her death. #pregnantwife 4:00 PM - 13 Apr 2017
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    Text - Zastro Follow @dearpreggywife DAFI 10:00AM Best husband in the world 10:02AM - Why the fuck did I even marry you 10:04AM Best husband in the world Repeat #MyPregnantwife 6:50 AM 11 May 2015 9 Retweets 12 Likes
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    Food - Brendan Burke Follow @brendanmburke When you're going out of town for the weekend and #pregnantwife. Vercat BENGJERR'S Peanue Butter Cup Peanet etter lce Crea with Peanut Butter CUPR Termonts Finest mowsa aert SEN&JERRY'S SEN&JERRY'S Salted Caramel Salted Caramel GOTE Caiebalen GOre Cream ter Cret Cream ec t onde Beowes Laten Ck Core ionde Brownie ASelted Caramel Core Red Velvet Cake BEN&JERRY'S BEN&JERRIS Cheesecake Brownie Red t CARE 6:34 PM 25 Jan 2017
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    Jordan Zeplin Follow @sweetsjdh This man walked all the way to #RoyalFarms for these #KrispyCreme #Donuts in a middle of a #Blizzard for his #PregnantWife 6 in the morning My Husband
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    Text - Lunchbox Follow @RadioLunchbox Me: I will drop you off so you can run in and get ice Wife: Sounds good to me 25 minutes later... Me: What took so long? Wife: I'm pregnant Me: I guess that's a valid excuse #marriedlife #PregnantWife 12:08 PM - 23 Jun 2018
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    Text - Thomas Rees Follow @Rees79 Nothing like the wife dragging you out for a 2nd supper at 930pm at applebees.. #pregnantwifeproblems 7:32 PM -15 Apr 2017


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