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10 of the Most Popular Nerdy Baby Names From 2014

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    #867 (Boys) - Castiel

    While the character is based on an angel in Judeo-Christian mythology, there's no mistaking the rise of the name Castiel in America as directly influenced by the hunk from TV's Supernatural.
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  • 2

    #216 (Girls) - Arya

    Little girls all over America will grow up with everyone's favorite adolescent assassin as their namesake, but will they have a laundry list of revenge murders to complete? Hopefully not.
  • 3

    #907 (Boys) - Darwin

    It's survival of the fittest for this name. Fortunately, it's highly adaptable to the science minded parents out there.

  • 4

    #509 (Girls) - Leia

    Cheezburger Image 8332089600
    With Star Wars: The Force Awakens right around the corner, it's not surprising that this name made a small jump between 2013 and 2014. Heck, she's a Disney princess now; that stock is on the rise.
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  • 5

    #566 (Boys) - Leonidas

    This IS... kind of a horrible name. These parents just want violent, naked kids slow-mo kicking their friends into homemade tiger pits.
  • 6

    #70 (Girls) - Bella

    It looks like the Twilight craze is finally wearing off, Bella dropped twenty spots in 2014. Unfortunately, there's also Isabella at #4... so... the sparkly vampires are still ruining everything.
  • 7

    #827 (Boys) - Titan

    Boys with this name are insatiable. Expect a rise in both uncanny valley-esque toddlers and playground cannibalism.
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  • 8

    #60 (Girls) - Serenity

    Get over it guys, it's been a decade.
  • 9

    #957 (Boys) - Anakin

    Making it's debut in the top 1000, we have the youngling slaying, mopey, angst-ridden Anakin. Seriously, naming your kid Vader would be way cooler.
  • 10

    #755 (Girls) - Khaleesi

    Because who doesn't want their daughter to be the True Queen of the Andals, Mother of Dragons, Stormborn woman who won't get off her ass and finally cross The Narrow Sea and get this show on the road already!?

    It's been five books, and you've barely even ridden one of those dragons! Time's wasting!

    Alright... That's pretty cool.


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