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Chinese Trend of the Day: It's Totally Cool to Have a Sprout Growing Out of Your Hair

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    It's exactly how it sounds

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    The Bejinger was kind enough to translate a Sohu article which tries to explain the fashion:

    [R]ather than a political comment on Beijing's stance towards pollution, the trend originates from an unspecified cosplay convention, after which time they became the latest hot way to maimeng (??), or act cute.

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    The trend seems popular with women of all ages

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    But guys seem all about it as well

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    They kind of look just like Pikmin, right?

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    If you don't know, Pikmin is a Nintendo series of games where those little guys are plucked out of the ground and use to build, destroy, create.
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    You can buy them at many stores and they're pretty cheap

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    Keep doing your thing, China. Y'all are cool.

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