15 Travelers Reveal Their Most Embarrassing TSA Experiences

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    Fun - Had to empty my bag becausel couldht take my toiletriesthat weighed over 600mls They empted my bag and out felÄLL my Ingerte. UGH
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    Text - Uput powdered dry shampooin ababy powder bottlethey Chought it was cocaineand went nuts at TSA
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    Job - TSA searchedmy whole carry on case full of sex toys and related items. They opened it in front of everyone Coo! Iturned SORED Checkpont Friendly
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    Text - When TSA searchedmycarry on they pulled out my Diva Cup in front of my father. That was col. VS SVS
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    Text - Myfiriend gifted me a Catholte prayer candle with Kendrick Lamar on it and Icarriedit ona plane. TSA gave me the Funniest looks when they searched my bag!
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    Font - TSA searched my bag, The one withallmybondage toys FML.
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    Crowd - RCE The TSA people emptied outmy backpack tomake surelhad nothing dangerous. So hapPy everyone in ine saw mythongs andleather outfits.Oh and missed my Flight too. Wasan overal GREAT day Gene Screenina General
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    Font - Opacked a flesh light in my carry on for a family Crip. TSA foundit immediately Thank god mymom is too clueless toknow what that i.. /Roast //Roosl
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    Facial expression - Ccdless My oz lbbe caused the TSA to look through my bagl Cotally Forgot it was in there!
  • 10
    Clothing - had an deflated sexdolin my bag Por a bachelor party. TSA definitely gave me some Funny looks when they pulled it out of my bag for safety measures.
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  • 11
    Text - Ohad cat ears,Fishnet stockings and my butt plug in my carry on My bayfriend and were long distance at the time. TSA actuallyasked if Iwasa prostitutelwas redder thana Comato. So uncool
  • 12
    Text - packed a bunch of blood stained underwear because knewlwas going to start my period Gnever want to use my nicer ones. TSA saw it when they searched my bag He looked so grossed out.
  • 13
    Product - Got some funny looks from the TSAFOR my bag of supposibortes in my carryon SurelyChis cant be the worst Ching theyjve seenna eel 70% EXTRA xtra Shema volume ready-to-use
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  • 14
    Text - Opacked 60 condoms Far a boys weekend trip. Yes, 60 The dude at TSA lboked half shocked and half impressed
  • 15
    Text - The TSA had to search my bag It was filled with lingerie,heels and dresses.Im a dude,


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