Days Without Sex Tweets That Have Taken The Internet By Storm Are Just Too Funny

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    Text - Day 283 without sex. I just rubbed my own thigh and asked myself "So what you tryna do?" The DroughtlsReal Y.O.L.O
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    Text - Day 187 without sex: losing hearing in my left eye
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    Text - Violet Benson @Daddyissues Day 123 without sex. I can't tell if it's yanny or laurel anymore. I've lost my sense of smell in my left ear and Ican now read minds. 6/16/18, 4:17 PM
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    Text - Leslie Aquino @_aquinoleslie eladisalas Day 67 without sex: Went to Six Flags so I could remember what it was like ride and scream
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    Text - Clif Mimosa @ClifSosa Day 283 without sex: A mosquito sucked on my neck and I moaned a little bit
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    Text - Sarah Christie @sarahcrispy Day 53 without sex: went to the beach today just so the waves could smack my ass
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    Text - saM @Sxmmie day 489 without sex: the demon i see in the corner of my room when i have sleep paralysis lookin kinda cute now ngl
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    Text - @Danielolivasss Day 98 without sex: i slammed on my brakes so my seatbelt could choke me
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    Face - < Tweet Too Sassy @lssaSassyBitch day 34 without sex: tried to get arrested so a man would handcuff me
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    Text - Sebas @sebasyuh Day #321 without sex. My momma whooped my ass today with a belt and I accidentally moaned. We're currently not speaking 7/7/18, 1:51 PM
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    Text - Violet Benson @Daddyissues_ Day 175 without sex: Ionly shaved one leg so when I lay in bed and my legs rub against each other, it feels like l'm laying next to a man. 7/13/18, 4:03 PM
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    Text - Backwood Baby @localfvckgrl Day 113 without sex: my hairdresser just pulled my hair a little too hard and i accidentally called him daddy 7/7/18, 4:07 PM
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    Text - PauPau Fitnes @Paulavfitness Day 259 without sex: I ate two Popeyes biscuits without water so it could choke me 11:22 AM Jul 15, 2018
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    Text - Day 6505 without sex: I dropped the soap in the shower and told myself to bend over. TheStrugglelsReal GoodMorningIG
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