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This Auto Tech Saved Kitten Stuck In Cat Fender And Became a Hero

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    The kitten apparently made the 45-minute ride from Capron to Petersburg stuck in the car's fender.

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    After the driver, Eunika Brown, realized the kitten was stuck under her car, she called local animal control.

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    Debbie Broughton, the chief warden with Petersburg Animal Care and Control, arrived at the scene and quickly called technicians at a local auto repair shop called Leete Tire and Auto Service for additional help.

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    Leete Tire & Auto Service Manager Warren Strum, jumped to the rescue and quickly extracted a scared, but unharmed kitten!"

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    Watch the moment of rescue:

    Never a dull day at Leete Tire & Auto!!! We received a call from Debbie Broughton, Chief Warden with Animal Care &...

    Posted by Leete Tire & Auto Center on Thursday, July 19, 2018
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    After the rescue, general service technician Charles William adopted the cat on the spot.

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    "No collar and the kitten was very young and thin," Rowsey said. "No sign of the owner." Rowsey said she believed they named the kitten Kia, after her temporary home.

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    It's not currently clear how the kitten got stuck in the fender well but luckily, it's a purrfect ending!

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