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Just for kicks, here are a few more awesome words that don't quite make it through English translation filters.

Cafuné (Brazilian Portuguese) - The act of tenderly running one's fingers through another person's hair. Kyoikumama (Japanese) - A mother who relentlessly pushes her children toward academic achievement. Lagom (Swedish) - Just the right amount. Everything in moderation. Moderation is best. Not too much, not too little. (Note: this word is more of a philosophical measurement than a physical one). Geborgenheit (German) - A feeling of complete safety and contentment, like nothing could ever harm you. Ya'aburnee (Arabic) - Literally meaning "you bury me," signifying that the speaker wants to die before the person he or she is speaking to does because living without them would be too difficult. Toska (Russian) - The feeling of a restless soul, an existential ache. The desire to be passionate about something when one is totally apathetic. Duende (Spanish) - The emotions one feels when they are deeply moved by art.

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