Twitter Thread Proves 18th Century Students Were Way Worse Than Millennials

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    Text - THE TimesHigherEducation Follow etimeshighered The lamest generation: I can't teach millennials they refuse to take any responsibility for their learning, says an assistant professor OFESSOR Millennials: the age of entitlement While Vieno Vehko empathises with millennials' burden of tuition debt, she also finds it hard to respect a group that neither reads critically nor takes responsibility for its...
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    Text - Jenny Bann @calluna Follow I transcribed a collection of 18thC student disciplinary records once. Let me give a quick overview of the things that generation were doing... 1/ TimesHigherEducation@timeshighered The lamest generation: I can't teach millennials they refuse to take any responsibility for their learning, says an assistant professor

    Twitter User Jenny Bann responded with some interesting information about how entitled students used to be.

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    Text - Jenny Bann Follow @calluna Duelling with swords; getting loudly and raucously drunk and getting kicked out of taverns; going along to a dancing master's classes to meet girls, being told not to dance with one of said girls, getting into a fight with the dancing master over it; 2/
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    Text - Jenny Bann Follow @calluna Making 'obscene toasts' when drunk; hassling the landlady's daughter when drunk; taking a sedan chair home when drunk and trashing it (Glasgow sedan chairs could be hired like taxis in 18thC, there were even designated sedan-chair pickup ranks); 3/
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    Text - Jenny Bann Follow @calluna "having too many Companions always in his room, disturbing the house wt noise & breaking the furniture, as an evidence of which the Chairs in his room have been no lefs than three times broke [...] the expense whereof he promised to pay but has never yet fulfilled his promise" 5/
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    Text - Jenny Bann Follow @calluna Not attending lectures, and claiming when told off for this that there was a university regulation saying students on his particular bursary only needed to attend 1/3 to pass, leading to two professors combing through rules for nonexistent regulation; 6/
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    Text - Jenny Bann @calluna Follow Arguing at the university debating society that the university is a "dusty shop of logic and metaphysic" and students would be better off just going to the theatre; 7/
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    Text - Jenny Bann Follow @calluna Suggesting to the ex-military chemistry lecturer that the army only wear red because they are trying to make up for their lack of virility; getting into a fight with said chemistry lecturer in the university quad that two academic staff had to wade into and break up; 8/
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    Text - Jenny Bann Follow @calluna (the last three were all the same student; he eventually got expelled and went off to seek his fortune with the East India Company) 9/
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    Text - Jenny Bann @calluna Follow Something that was bad enough to get two students expelled but is only described (by them) as "having the Misfortune sometime agoe to fall into an unhappy afray with some People of the Town";
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    Text - Jenny Bann Follow @calluna Trapping a servant girl in their rooms and scaring her; Damaging their lodgings again, this time by "some indecent language being painted on the inside of the room door wt a brush & whitening" 11/
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    Text - Jenny Bann @calluna Follow Getting drunk and arguing with a lecturer, deciding later that he needed to be taught a lesson, marching out drunkenly into the night with the tavern fireplace poker, beating an innocent passer-by w/ it until the Lord Provost arrived to wrench said poker out of student's hand 12/
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    Text - Jenny Bann Follow @calluna A significant proportion of these students were planning to go into the Church, btw. 13/
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    Text - Jenny Bann Follow @calluna So while I agree it's annoying when your undergrads don't do the reading and plagiarise their essays from SparkNotes, I struggle to believe they're the Worst Student Generation Ever. 14/14


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