14 Crazy Things You Can Buy Online Right Now

What a time we all live in.

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    Gallium is a metal that can melt in your hand.

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    You can actually have the metal in a 99.99% pure form shipped to your house here.

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    Want to make your dog look like a Bantha from Star Wars?

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    Well you can for some reason, if you buy a doggy costume here.

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    This playhouse is way too nice for most adults

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    You can actually buy one for children here.

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    A coaster that says "DON'T F**K UP THE TABLE" is probably the exact message you want to send to your houseguests.

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    Get one here.

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    Is there anything you'd rather be doing right now than bouncing on a trampoline in the middle of the lake? Doubt it.

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    Follow your dreams here.

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    Is it a bench or a picnic table? Why not both?

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    This mysterious shape-shifting contraption can actually be purchased here.

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    Yeah, that's a real book that exists.

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    I don't know if it's actually a page turner, but you can read the preview here.

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    Amazon really lets you ship yourself Szechuan Sauce because we live in a cruel universe.

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    Buy some here.

  • 9

    Turn a room in your house into a SECRET room.

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    Amazon sells a kit so you can DIY here.

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    That thing is actually a mouse that you control with your fingers.

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    Join us in the future here.

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    Are you tired of pesky pest killers?

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    You can actually buy the Roomba of fly swatters here.

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    Ice cube trays have moved on without you.

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    Get the most advanced freezer-powered ice maker in the world here.

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    Say you came home late and you have meat in the freezer, but you want to eat it now. They've actually figured it out.

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    You can get a nifty steak defroster here.

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    Yeah. That's a camera.

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    Secure your life with spy gadgets by purchasing one here.

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