17 Unlucky People Who Got Tricks Instead of Treats for Halloween

  • 1

    Tis the Season for Scary Coat Racks

    Would you be scared by this thing?

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  • 2

    Karma Upside the Head

    Cheezburger Image 8561709568
  • 3

    Michael Myers is Still on the Prowl...

  • 4

    Worth It?

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  • 5

    "Can I Have a Fry?"

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  • 6


    Cheezburger Image 8350905856
  • 7

    I Wonder How the Detectives on 'Law & Order' Would React if Their Victim Shot Up and Screamed at Them

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  • 8

    Phoenix Suns PG Goran Dragic Had a Dinosaur-Sized Surprise for His Teammates on Halloween

  • 9

    Halloween Gengar Prank

  • 10

    Hey You Guys! Err, Hey Me Guys?

    Cheezburger Image 8364256000
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  • 11

    Did You Know That Your Cell Phone Can Be Used to Communicate With Ghosts?

  • 12

    It's the Creepiest Little Munchkin You've Ever Seen!

    Roman Atwood's 2-year-old son Kane is already taking after his prankster daddy.
  • 13

    If You Go Fishing at an Unassuming, Peaceful Lake Near Halloween, You're Gonna Have a Bad Time

    Also, big ups to the guy that just abandoned his girlfriend after inadvertantly knocking her into the lake. The only thing that's getting murdered today is their relationship.
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  • 14

    This Fortune Teller Can See Your Future... And Your Future is Scary...

    Ten seconds into the future, to be more specific.
  • 15

    Plushie Spider Scare Tactics

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  • 16

    What's Wrong? Don't Recognize Your Own Sister?

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  • 17

    Protip: Just Stay Away From Parking Garages Around Halloween


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