Facebook Fight of The Day: Irish Cafe Declares War on Vegans, Hilarity Ensues

Genius and/or mad man Paul Stenson, owner of The White Moose Cafe in Dublin, just started a fight with Vegans on Facebook. And he's winning. Stenson posted an obvious joke about vegans with their picky dietary requirements on his restaurant's Facebook page. Vegans pushed back. But he pushed back HARD. Here's how it all went down. Prepare for butthurt in 3..2..1...

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    Here's the post that started it all...

    Text - The White Moose Café WHITE MOOSE August 13. ATTENTION VEGANS Please do not waltz into our cafe with no advance notice and look at us as if we have ten heads when you realise that there arent 50,000 items on our menu that suit your idiosyncratic dietary requirements. Our chef will be more than happy to prepare a number of dishes for you, but a little heads up in advance of your visit would be appreciated. Fair is fair like. Paul Stenson The White Moose Café Like Comment Share 185 people li

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    Some Vegans got wind of the whole thing and started leaving negative reviews.

    Text - 1 2% oooo eir 3G 23:46 Tee Jay reviewed The White Moose Café 1 min e Absolutely disgusting manners and behavior. Wonder why I'm judging before I've even eaten here? Because according to The White Moose Cafe it's okay to judge people without knowing them! It's okay to call their beliefs idiotic and belittle them online. You are disgusting, disrespectful and ignorant. Get a life and a job because you won't be in this one much longer talking about customers like that! Totally unprofessional,

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    Vegans had no chill.

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    They created hate Facebook pages.

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    So the restaurant owner doubled down—ALL VEGANS BANNED.

    Text - The White Moose Café WHITE MOOSE October 22 at 11:47pm I'm loving all the negative reviews we have been receiving over the past hour or two posted by seemingly every vegan who exists on planet earth The reality of the situation is that 100% of these people have never been in our café, and are writing these reviews because they chose to take offence to one of my posts relating to the sense of over-entitlement that vegans seem to have. In a bid to counteract these fake reviews, I have decid

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    Vegans kept coming back to taunt Stenson, so he did what any reasonable human does on Facebook. He kept going...

    Text - The White Moose Cafe WHITE MOOSE October 23 at 3:17pm Dear vegans, I wonder if you ate normal food would you be able to tell a piss-take post on a satirical café Facebook page from a genuine post on a serious page? Is your lack of cop on a result of malnourishment? Is it that you are simply thick? Are you lashing out so viciously at our page because you are frustrated? Frustrated because you could eat a rasher sambo two weeks ago, but then decided to become a 'better person' one Monday mo

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    And updated his cover photo.

    Cartoon - The White Moose Café updated their cover photo. WHITE MOOSE October 23 at 5:11pm have de emetionaL feelings Dent be MER0 greens EAT MEAT POTATOES Vegans Are EVIL Like Comment Share Most Recent 457 people like this. 30 shares

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    Apology? Here's your stinkin' apology.

    Text - The White Moose Café WHITE MOOSE October 23 at 6:13pm OFFICIAL APOLOGY TO VEGANS* Dear vegan friends It is clear that I have upset quite a large number of you with my recent posts. The negative reviews we are receiving are growing in number literally by the minute. I have been told that I have brought this on myself and that the only way to stop the flood of negative reviews and abuse is to offer an online apology to all vegans I have offended. I am not normally one to back down, but on t

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    He kept receiving death threats, so FULL IRISH BREAKFAST SPECIAL it is!

    Food - The White Moose Café WATE MOOSE October 24 at 8:45am- Vegans, how do you expect me to read ALL the death wishes if you cant keep your messages to one sentence? Come on now. Please be more efficient in your messaging and have a bit more consideration for me. One sentence only per hater from now on. Cheers guys. You're the best The White Moose Café WHITE MOOSE October 24 at 9:28am SPECIAL OFFER ON FULL IRISH BREAKFAST ONE DAY ONLY Seeing as we have had so many vegans trying to turn' us over

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    Then non-vegans came to back him up, leaving hundreds of positive reviews.

    Text - Steve Carr 6 I haven't been- but I heard the vegan lasagne is great, kudos to you, it must take ages to mince an entire vegan!! My next trip to the Emerald Isle will definitely include a stop to this now world famous cafe. And please don't lose your sense of humour whilst others around you are losing theirs!! Like Comment about an hour ago 7 Reviews. 8 people like this Write a commen... I live in the U.S. But I still make it a point to eat here 3-4 times a week. The airfare gets a bit pri

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    The restaurant's review score actually improved!

    Text - The White Moose Café WHITE MOOSE 5 hrs Vegans, You were given one task. One fucking task. You were supposed to damage the reputation of our café forever. I would have thought this would be easy for you guys? But no no. Apparently you couldn't even do that This is beginning to look a little embarrassing for you now. Paulie P.S. If I was paying you for this you'd have been fired by now. 23 October 28 October OK VEGANS Let's get this upto 1000 by midnight! 25 of5 stars 1.1k reviews 42 of 5 s

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