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25 Working Dogs That Failed Miserably At Doing What They Were Bred To Do

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    Text - JaneRosE Follow @jnstgt Replying to @TheMERL This is Fergus. He is part Collie part Retriever -a very useful cross for herding and retrieval. His only aim in life is to prevent human and feline occupation of the best seating areas.
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    Dog breed - What duck? Follow @geeoharee Replying to @TheMERL This is Bailey, our rescue Springer. The hunter's valuable companion. World class sofa warmer.
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    Yellow - Vipère Follow @troglodette Replying to @TheMERL This is Gamine. Great danes used to be hunting dogs, but this one prepares a Phd in naps and snobbery.
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    Dog - Dave Bonta Follow @morningporch Replying to @TheMERL This is Maizy @MaizySmallDog, a border terrier mix bred to terrorize small mammals and insufficiently active owners, who in her advanced old age specializes in hunting comfortable spots for a nap.
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    Flower - Grant Clauser Follow @Unlambic Replying to @The MERL Emmett is a foxhound but he's a lover not a hunter.
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    Dog - Emily Follow @icecreamwix Replying to @Mattypriorfan @TheMERL Maggie is a Jack Russel-Poodle mix, bred for fox hunting. She has never seen a fox and likes to hide under the sofa when scared by any loud noise, or sometimes just loud talking. She may not be able to recognize a fox, but she can definitely recognize her treats
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    Dog - Charlotte Elliston Follow @tonchar Replying to @TheMERL This is my mum's dog Poppy. She's a smooth coated collie bred for herding animals. She lives in Central London where there are few sheep but gets a bit miffed when everyone isn't in the same room.
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    Canidae - Antsy One Follow @iamnottense Replying to @TheMERL This is Kodi, he's a rescue, pretty sure he's part ridgeback (bred for killing lions) and part obsessive ball chaser who lives in fear of water. Always makes sure you don't wake up from a nap alone. He's a good boy.
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    Dog - Megan @_mharvey Follow Replying to @The MERL This is Jed the border collie. Retriever of sticks, destroyer of tennis balls Bred to herd sheep, excelled at herding bicycles...
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    Cat - Sling Babies Follow @SlingBabies Replying to @TheMERL Stripes the whippet. Bred to hunt rabbits, prefers armchairs.
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    Furniture - Ciara Costello Follow @CiaraCostello12 Replying to @The M ERL This is Winston. He trained to be a guide dog but failed for being too lazy or, officially, 'low now spends 95% of his time motivation' snoozing
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    Text - G.Pilgrim Follow @miss_manners_62 ondwith Replying to @TheMERL Barney is a Jack Russell Terrier but her only weighs 10 lbs. Even is he could overcome his terror of everything he's far too little to catch a fox. Instead he chases and catches his mini tennis ball and begs for cheese.
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    Dog - EdgeofMull Follow @EdgeofMull Replying to @The MERL This is Kyra who was bred to 'spring' game fowl from moorland. The only practical thing she does now is discovering sources of water, but as we live in Scotland, this isn't really that useful
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    Dog - Laura Piper Follow @Mattypriorfan Replying to @TheMERL William is a dachshund, bred to go down badger and rabbit sets to flush them out. He doesn't even know how to dig
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    Dog - Han Tame Follow @han_tame Replying to @TheMERL my baby boy laszlo is hungarian vizsla with a quarter lab! his parents were both working gundogs and he spends all his time wiggling, demanding attention, and being really bad at fetch
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    Canidae - Libby Morse @MorseLibby Follow Replying to @TheMERL Reverend John Russell was said to have prided himself that his terriers never tasted blood. Our Jack carries on this mighty legacy #NationalDog Day
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    Dog - Shuri Okoye Nakia Page Follow @rainaepage Replying to @TheMERL This is Murdoch. The legendary "Cú Faoil" or Irish Wolfhound. Bred for hunting wolves, elk and pulling grown men off their horses in battle. These days he's a professional cuddler, pork chop thief and is surprised by his own farts
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    Vertebrate - Stacey Knight-Davis @slknightdavis Follow Replying to @TheMERL The one on the left is Daxter. He should be helping herd something. His current jobs are being fluffy, and entertaining the other dog. The other dog, Max, is a mutt. He's a fair-to- middling watch dog.
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    Dog - Dr Ruth Sims Follow @r_sims1 Replying to @The MERL This is Percy, our rescue Saluki x. Salukis are the 'greyhounds of the desert', bred to hunt gazelles, etc. In 4 years P has caught one squirrel, which was released, unharmed, from his jaws. Much prefers sleeping, dozing & napping )
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    Text - Laurie March Follow @Laurie_March Replying to @The MERL This is Newton. He is a poodle- originally bred to hunt ducks in water. He is terrified of water, but will keep your feet warm under a desk for hours. Deals with mailman daily.
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    Dog - Sarah Morriss Follow @Hot_Toast Replying to @The MERL Archie, a Cocker Spaniel. Bred to be a gun dog, chasing on command. Barks at the clock
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    Dog - Sasha Feather Follow SLUT sasha_feather Replying to @TheMERL This is Miss Abner, a retired racing greyhound. She likes fruit.
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    Dog - Samantha Lava Follow @SamanthaLava Replying to @Unlambic @TheMERL Our hound is a lover too! And a definite snoozer
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    Text - Shelby Williams @shelbygwilliams Follow Replying to @TheMERL Piper is a Bernese Mountain Dog. Bred to protect and move herds of cattle. Also a drafting animal...apparently can pull 10x her weight, so...1200 pounds?! She enjoys sleeping at least 19 hours a day. Occasionally moves from bed to couch.
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    Dog - Virtual Kat Follow @Virtualkat101 Replying to @Mattypriorfan @TheMERL Pretzel, also a daschund, would not know what a rabbit or badger is....but he does like to tunnel under a warm blanket....#NationalDogDay


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