These Movies Are Guilty Of Making A Few Mistakes

  • 1

    When Mark was making a list of dishes, he somehow mentioned sweet and sour chicken twice.

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  • 2

    Mars is about 1.5 times as far from the sun as it is from the earth but it shines just as bright.

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  • 3

    The scene in Bob’s office: At first, a cup is in the middle of the table, but in the next shot, it falls down from the edge of the table.

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  • 4

    In the dinner scene, Dash’s haircut changes multiple times: in a couple of seconds, we can see 3 different styles.

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  • 5

    The scene in Bob’s office: At first, a cup is in the middle of the table, but in the next shot, it falls down from the edge of the table.

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  • 6

    In the first movie during the scene on the rooftop, we can see Neo and Morpheus standing not far from a building. In the next shot, we see the building right behind Neo.

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  • 7

    In The Matrix Revolutions, in at least 2 scenes, we’re able to clearly see 2 strangers instead of Neo. Meet Keanu Reeves’ stuntmen.

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  • 8

    In the scene where the main hero is sitting next to his first boss, the number of martini glasses always changes: first, we see just one glass, then another one appears, and then we see just the 1 glass again.

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  • 9

    In one of the scenes, Jordan Belfort puts his left hand on an employee’s shoulder and holds a microphone in his right hand. In a second, we can see the mic in his left hand and his right hand is on the man’s shoulder.

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  • 10

    In the scene where a window display with jewelry crashes, necklaces fly right toward the characters but they manage to duck. In the next second, Newt and Kowalski are literally strewn with jewelry.

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  • 11

    When Queenie comes to Kowalski’s bakery, the place is full of people. But when we get inside, all the people suddenly disappear.

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  • 12

    Initially, the paintings on the ceiling are almost invisible but in the next scene, they become more and more bright.

    Cheezburger Image 9213248000
  • 13

    The color of the heart on Stayne’s eye always changes: it’s black, then it’s red. It’s funny since Stayne is Knave of Hearts, thus, the color should always be red.

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  • 14

    In one of the scenes, Irene’s necklace appears and vanishes. How do you like that, Sherlock Holmes?

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  • 15

    Dr. Watson and Irene open a map and press its corners with a candlestick and a mug. That’s all fine but why do they repeat this action twice?

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  • 16

    Harry Potter receives the first letter, brings it to the living room, and Uncle Vernon grabs it. Quickly, the seal changes and climbs up onto the Hogwarts emblem.

    Cheezburger Image 9213249024
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  • 17

    When Oliver tells Harry everything about Quidditch and shows him the balls, we can see a path right behind Harry. But when we see both guys, there are no paths at all.

    Cheezburger Image 9213249280
  • 18

    The process of shooting this film was accompanied by various difficulties (including building full-scale scenery). In one of the scenes, we see Jack standing on the bow of the ship but when he stands there with Rose, the design of the bow looks completely

    Cheezburger Image 9213249536
  • 19

    In the scene where Rose decides to jump off the Titanic as she talks to Jack, we can see her nice earrings, but when Jack saves her and Rose falls down, the earrings disappear.

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  • 20

    In the scene where Rose looks through Jack’s illustrations, we can see that a gentleman’s coat changes its color and length in the blink of an eye.

    Cheezburger Image 9213250048
  • 21

    When Rose decides to rescue Jack, she breaks the glass to get the fireman’s ax. She removes all of the glass from the frame after breaking it. But then, when she grabs the ax, we see that most of the glass is back.

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  • 22

    The ship starts to sink at night but we can see bright sunlight coming in right through the windows. How is that possible?

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