I Can Has Cheezburger?

Rescue Dog In Horrible Condition, Gets A Second Chance

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    0Like “We found the puppy in a horrific condition together with a few other animals, ditched in an abandoned homestead”

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    The vets cleaned him thoroughly, and removed the scabby epidermis from his skin. The first procedure Pluto received took 5 hours

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    “His condition was ‘dangerous and contagious.’ Eventually, because of the Mange infection, Pluto had to be isolated without the possibility of going out for a walk”

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    “The pup had been going through living hell for 3 months. After the quarantine, he had to re-learn how to walk”

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    But that was only the half of his remaining troubles, “Pluto was afraid of everything and everyone”

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    “It took six months before Pluto gathered the courage to step outside”

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    “His first steps were very tough for him. He was so afraid, even the grass under his feet creeped him out”

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    “Thanks to the endless patience and love provided by our staff, however, Pluto started socializing”

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    As Pluto was very slowly introducing himself to his surroundings...

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    he became comfortable enough to start playing and interacting with other dogs too!

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    The adorable and strong willed pup hasn't fully recovered just yet, but that doesn't stop him one bit!

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    Pluto can’t wait to start his search for a forever home!

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    For more about Pluto, you can visit www.vysniusodas.lt 


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