Psychotic GamerGater Thinks the Game Developer He's Been Harassing for the Past Few Months Tried to Assassinate Him

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Warning: loud... and stupid. Really, really stupid.

Jace Connors is a Youtuber, GamerGater, self-professed "ex-military," and proponent of what he calls the "Deagle Nation" lifestyle. According to Connors:

  • THE DEAGLE NATION LIFESTYLE believes in Living Live in the Fast Lane, Killin' It, Going Hog Wild, Doing the Dew, Fueling the Fight, and/or Finishing The Fight.
  • THE DEAGLE NATION LIFESTYLE is all about kicking back at the pool with the bros, cracking open a cold one, and while you're at it, maybe even kissing a hot chick too
  • THE DEAGLE NATION LIFESTYLE is staying up all night so you can spend the entire night smoking weed and playing Call of Duty… then not even bothering to go to school the next morning!
  • THE DEAGLE NATION LIFESTYLE is secretly spending your dad's credit card on $150 of anime swords because he doesn't respect your life choices.
  • THE DEAGLE NATION LIFESTYLE is all about not giving a f*ck, wearing Affliction hoodies and sunglasses, not listening to cops, letting your haters be your motivators, and respecting females and soldiers no matter what."

That should tell you all you need to know about his sanity. In the past few months, he's levied numerous death threats against game developer Brianna Wu, threatening to "kill her Assassin's Creed style," whatever that means. Now, because of his undying adherence to Free Speech or something like that, he assumes that Wu somehow messed with his car in an effort to have him killed.

Sure is Poe's Law up in here.

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