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Trend of the Day: Teens Are Dropping Water-Filled Condoms on Their Heads Because Encasing Your Face in a Plastic Bubble of Water is Fun!

  • 1

    They Say This is Where It All Began

    They just wanted to drop a water balloon on their friend, but the water balloon was made of a condom and it did not behave like a water balloon should.
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  • 2

    Some Tried to Imitate Their Success, but Failed

  • 3

    The Pain From This Fail May Last Longer Than the Trend Itself...

  • 4

    What a Disappointment

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  • 5

    Here's One in Slow Motion if You're Wondering How it Works

    It will not help you figure out why they did it.
  • 6

    Here's Another Slow Motion, Just Because

  • 7

    Some Are a Little Too Close for Comfort

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  • 8

    Take It Off, Take It Off!

    She's turning red, is that bad?
  • 9

    Seriously, Someone Help That Poor Girl!

  • 10

    Others Are a Little Too Comfortable With It

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  • 11

    It's Also the Perfect Thing to Talk Your Little Brother Into

    But if Mom asks, we were building his confidence.
  • 12

    Hey, You Already Made One Sorta Bad Decision Today, Why Not Up the Ante With Some Scissors?

  • 13

    Okay, Just One More in Slow Motion

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