Whatever You Do, Don't Use 'Fallout' in Your Game Title

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Bethesda has issued a cease and desist letter to the game Fortress Fallout for 'confusion' surrounding their use of the word 'Fallout' in their game title.  For reference, Fortress Fallout is a tower building mobile game, not at all similar to the Fallout series, but given the size of the company making it, they've got no choice but to find a new name rather than fight Bethesda on this one.  

You may remember Bethesda doing something similar to Mojang over the game Scrolls, but Mojang was lucky enough to win their case. As ridiculous as all of this is, if you're an indie developer, maybe just don't use anything remotely related to a Bethesda property in your game title; it's just not worth the risk.  Or, you know, just go all out and call your game The Elder Dishonored Rogue Warrior Fallout: New Scrolls.

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