22 Fun-Packed Memes That'll Make You Less Depressed

  • 1
    80's meme about how you could blow out candles for your birthday near beer and an ashtray and a lit cigarette and nobody cared
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  • 2
    webcomic pun about killing them with kindness, which is his name for the axe
  • 3
    meme about saving money because of all the friends you lost on social media and politics
  • 4
    fictional characters multi panel meme
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  • 5
    Melania Trump meme joking she looks like Michael Jackson
  • 6
    anxiety text messages meme
  • 7
    simpsons meme
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  • 8
    spongebob meme about avoiding studying in finals week
  • 9
    skills meme about shooting teat out of the kettle into the cup
  • 10
    Thanos alignment chart parody
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  • 11
    funny sign about only needing pizza if you overdose on cannabis
  • 12
    cat with sunglasses meme about hey there demons it's me ya boy
  • 13
    presidential alert meme asking to send a dollar
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  • 14
    Holy Bible 2, Tokyo Drift
  • 15
    Garth from Wayne's World jokingly taking Christine Ford's place on the testimony against Kavanaugh
  • 16
    rose are read dunder mifflin meme with Dwight Schrute on the phone
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  • 17
    he protec meme about wolverine
  • 18
    singing simpsons meme mocking fresh prince of bel air about Steamed Hams
  • 19
    breast milk is boob pee meme
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  • 20
    snickers in a pickle meme about the future
  • 21
    General Kenobi bear crossover meme
  • 22
    mario and luigi 4 panel webcomic meme


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