Wash Yourself, With Beer!

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Via Vat 19
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Make sure your friends know you're always up for a night out at a pub!

Via Vat 19:

We know what you're wondering. So, here are the answers: Yes, each 4.5 oz soap contains real beer. No, they do not smell like yesterday's skunked Studweiser that has been sitting in the new day's sun for six hours.

Each Beer Soap is made using one delicious brew in addition to a variety of all natural ingredients. Each soap variety has a different fragrance (depending on its source brew), but none of them can be described as overly beer-like.

There is a hint of hops, a tinge of an herbal aroma, and sometimes a citrus note (depending on the brew). However, none of them are overpoweringly fragrant. In fact, there are two varieties that have been left unscented (Guinness and Sam Adams).

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