40 Weird & Funny Tumblr Posts To Spice Up Your Monotonous Life

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    funny tumblr post CUT MY LIFE INTO PIECES THIS IS WiiSports Resort
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    funny tumblr post your heart is a muscle the size of a rat SPONGE BOB SQUARE PANTS Your brain's about four times the size of a cat's hzs-modblog SPONGE BOB SQUARE PANTS lawbreaker13 Your lungs can hold 5.5 liters of air dreamsanddabs SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS lawbreaker13 The soles of your feet can never grow hair
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    funny tumblr post This is so funny both with and without context abbleciderdonits I forgot to add the picture
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    funny tumblr post anyone remember that like one month back in i think it was 2012 where everyone on this site was suddenly obsessed with the peter pan actors at disneyland, making whole blogs dedicated to them, distinguishing them based on miniscule differences, bothering them on the job cause thats what obsessed teenagers do apparently, and eventually getting one of them fired cause getting identified like that ruined the illusion of one singular real peter pan at disneyland tainbocuailnge
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    funny tumblr post let me get this straight. *grabs the nearest heterosexual* now where were we
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    funny tumblr post if i die, please bury me in one of two poses: 1. t-pose 2. you know i had to do it to em
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    funny tumblr post Do Flat Earthers think the Moon, Sun and all the other planets are flat too? stalemate-resolved of course we don't, we're not stupid ufo-the-truth-is-out-there hmmmmm
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  • 8
    funny tumblr post human kin be both M almost dropped dead in target today lads
  • 9
    funny tumblr post my warrior cat OC smokeweed is much cooler and more strongerer than any of your other cats so don't even try it aliciasbakery my warrior cat OC is named Moutaindew and he's lime green and has a sick mohawk shock please take everything i own
  • 10
    funny tumblr post She was poetry, but he couldn't read." i-hold-the-snitch His name was jarred hes nineteen artsekey When his parents built a very strange machine dothepropaganda watch that scene dig in the dancing queen aftermath-meme aaaay macarena pearls-forehead Horrible job everyone
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    funny tumblr post you: *eats 100 ears of corn in two hours* I am the corn king! I cannot be outcorned me: *eats 101 ears of corn in ten minutes* just another day in the corn fields 10inchflaccid what? neutraldankhotel I don't know. i woke up at 6am, wrote this, and went back to sleep 10inchflaccid hope youre okay
  • 12
    funny tumblr post Wahoo! lumnch Ya-ha! lumnch The pain is unfathomable lumnch Here we gOooo0!!! supermarioblosblog The final stages of infection
  • 13
    funny tumblr post When your favorite NPC is not romanceable and you have to just stare at them like Tortured by thirs
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  • 14
    funny tumblr post do you think if FRED was relevant today people would wanna fuck him like they wanna fuck markiplier and give him darklfred aus and shit twunk Hey Siri how do you delete someone else's post Tap to Edit
  • 15
    funny tumblr post valucard oh squirm? worm-suggestion Die, fool. powtothenuts Even a worm will turn A Even a worm will turn is an expression used to convey the message that even the meekest or most docile of creatures will retaliate or seek revenge if pushed too far.1 The phrase was firs
  • 16
    funny tumblr post no longer going to pursue a career! id like to be a rock. thanks
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  • 17
    funny tumblr post I paused Kung Fu Panda Holiday at the perfect moment dontstarvetrash when your math teacher is moving on to the next chapter but you still don't know anything
  • 18
    funny tumblr post worm on a pride flag baby!!!!
  • 19
    funny tumblr post WORM.. ...disco
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  • 20
    funny tumblr post we are not running a naruto themed bed & breakfast shinysylveon the shippud inn Source: fozzie
  • 21
    funny tumblr post Dk would be the type of boyfriend to leave little post it notes around your house with little positive things like 'you look beautiful today' or 'you make me smile' and a hell of a lot of 'I love yous' spread out around the house like wow where do I sign up snsdad I thought this was about donkey kong softhomo if its not about donkey kong then who
  • 22
    funny tumblr post If you kill me my teeth only have a 2% drop rate phantome-warlock What pukicho Good luck
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  • 23
    funny tumblr post scrappy doo has been found dead in miami mosshound is he okay lymphonodge hes alright but he died
  • 24
    funny tumblr post who would win remy vs stuart little whak stuart little vealot thats fucking horse shit and you know it! stuart little? that stupid fucking mouse?? i made this post as a joke mocking stuart because i knew no one in their right mind would choose stuart, honestly that little CGI shithead is an insult to anthropomorphic characters everywhere. that freeloading mouse wouldn't be able to contribute one cent to society whilst remy is making bank at a top scale re
  • 25
    funny tumblr post Could Another Baby Kill Kim Kardashian? The Doctors scotchtapeofficial ok its 6 am and this is the third night this week i've pulled an all nighter but like i thought this title was implying that 1) a baby straight up tried to murder kim kardashian, 2) she survived the attack , and 3) theres a possibility that another more dedicated baby could kill her for good
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  • 26
    funny tumblr post i skipped class today after having a panic attack and then got an ominous email from my professor titled "maggie simpson" with only a photo of maggie simpson attached. this is a nightmare to me.
  • 27
    funny tumblr post why is there a naked phineas doll on my bathroom floor blackghostriolus body has been discovered ivanswaginski school trial will commence
  • 28
    funny tumblr post u ever think about how ur skeleton is always wet cockyhorror I wish I never had but thanks for ruining my life httpdemonics don 't worry! there will come a time when it 's not : cockyhorror Thanks! Even worse :)
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  • 29
    funny tumblr post make your own foot scrub pochowek 1. feet are pretty hard to make 2. dont call me a scrub ever again wikilifeadvice please stop making me read this
  • 30
    funny tumblr post got called a lesbian in walmart earlier lads candidragon tell us what happened lad avatarerin i got called a lesbian in walmart candidragon ye but why avatarerin i was being a lesbian candidragon in walmart? avatarerin yeah it was in walmart
  • 31
    funny tumblr post im in constant pursuit of comedy. i live for jokes. if i die it better be funny
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    funny tumblr post Bridge the generation gap by combining old and new slang into one tredlocity Mood to the max! tredlocity Tubular af memeitism groovy, i hate it juza-the-cloud If she breathes, she's a square
  • 33
    funny tumblr post no longer going to pursue a career! id like to be rock. thanks
  • 34
    funny tumblr post 1989 car commercials: Smooth. *over footage of it driving on a mountain road* Luxurious. Powerful. Godlike. This Car Is The Secret To Your Happiness. Buy It And Transcend Human Emotion jewel commercials: WOW! REAL PRIME 45- CARAT STERLING SILVER WITH PEARLS FORGED IN ATLANTIS! CALL NOW TO BUY IT FOR OOOOONLY $100!!! HALF OF!!!!!! LIMITED EDITION!!!!!! !!!!!!! INSTANT CLASS FOR CHEAP CHEAP PRICES!!!! waterpark commercials: Come for a weekend of family enjoyment! ) Splash! Bas
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    funny tumblr post chuck e cheese's full name is charles entertainment cheese and he was born february 5, 1943 in new jersey murd0c i know this sounds like a shitpost but you can google it. it's on his wikipedia page.
  • 36
    funny tumblr post types of girls: 1. syrup that tastes so sweet but leaves a stickiness that won't leave 2. docile dandelions that blow away and leave you forever 3. animal bones that crush under your jaw 4. home thararescizor What Do This Mean pure-lolita i can't explain my poetry often.
  • 37
    funny tumblr post Making art is such a wonderful experience. Here are some of the thoughts l have while creating: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I am an inadequate talentless being this tiny unnoticeable mistake ruins the whole drawing I tried to fix the mistake and I made everything worse oh god what have I done I am garbage and is so is this drawing I am suffering TM
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  • 38
    funny tumblr post Egg Recipe Difficulty: egg Time: egg Ingredients: egg eight whole egg Step one: put eight egg on plate Step two: look at all those egg Step three: congratuleggtion
  • 39
    funny tumblr post my first joke i ever made was drawing comic where two people are staring at dress in the window of a store. one of them says "I would die for that dress" and the other says "i would kill for that dress" and then they look at each other awkwardly. snifl this was when i was like 6 and every day i wake up knowing I'll never be able to top this, my magnum opus. Source: snifl
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    funny tumblr post hows the gaming, gamers? soaprock im depressed
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