There, I Fixed It

Drive it Like You Stole It

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    "Officer, I swear it's not stolen!"

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    Find an old screw driver with a shaft about the same width as your key. Cut the shaft, leaving about an inch.

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  • 3

    Cut a 1/4" to 3/8" slot in the shaft.

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    Round the end with a grinder or file.

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  • 5

    This creates a smooth transition from the screwdriver to the key.

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  • 6

    Trim a spare key, making sure it's long enough to fit in the ignition on one end, and the screwdriver slot on the other.

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  • 7

    Make the end wider or narrower so that it fits in the screwdriver slot.

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  • 8

    Put some flux on the end of the key and tap it into the slot. Solder with torch.

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  • 9

    Use a grinder and sandpaper to line-up and smooth-out your connections.

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  • 10

    Now you're ready to cause suspicion as you drive around town!

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